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6 Tips To Donning A Swimsuit For The First Time Post-Birth

Giving birth is a beautiful, remarkable experience. If you are lucky enough to experience pregnancy, then you know that your body will change in ways you may not have realized or even expected. Just because your body may have changed, does not mean that you can’t rock a bathing suit anymore. As a matter a fact, your new body should be even more of a reason to rock a bathing suit. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help ease your transition into a bathing suit this summer.

1. Embrace Your New Body

If you are a first-time mom, you may not have realized the extent of how much having a baby can change you. And I’m not talking about emotionally. After you have a baby, your body will change in surprising and unexpected ways. No matter how athletic or active or prepared you are, the reality is you may come out of pregnancy with looser skin and unfamiliar purple stretch marks. 

The best thing you can do is embrace your new body. The sooner you learn to do this, the sooner you’ll be able to rock a bathing suit with confidence and pride. Your body brought life into this world. And no matter how it looks like post birth, every stretch mark, loose piece of skin, and scar is a reminder of the miracle it created. It’s a lot easier said than done, but embracing your new body is the best way to rock a bathing suit post birth.

2. Stop Comparing Yourself

You are at the beach, and the fact of the matter is you are bound to see beachgoers with picture-perfect beach bodies. It’s natural to want to compare your body to theirs. Heck, you might even be a little envious of everyone’s perfect body. But if your going to rock a bathing suit post birth with confidence, then comparing yourself to others has got to stop. Not only will comparing yourself do you no good, but it will make your journey of accepting your new body even more complicated and difficult. It takes an overwhelming amount of strength to bring life into the world. Your body will reflect that in one way or another. Instead of trying to hide it or compare your body with everyone else’s, learn to accept your new body. It’s done a fantastic thing, and frankly, that’s worth showing off and being proud of.


3. Stretch Marks? More Like Tiger Stripes

The reality is, if you have given birth then you most likely have some stretch marks to prove it. Although you can look forward to your stretch marks fading into silvery white lines over time, you should be advised that they will be there for pretty much the rest of your life. Instead of stressing over them as many moms do, it’s best to learn to embrace them. It may take some time, but the fact of the matter is you brought life into this world. And your stretch marks are a beautiful reminder of that. Learn to embrace your stretch marks sooner rather than later. Because the sooner you do, the more comfortable you will be in your skin. So when you try on bathing suits this season, don’t let your stretch marks limit your options. If it helps, think of them as tiger stripes instead. After all, you are a strong, beautiful mama, and you’ve earned them.

4. Choose The Right Bathing Suit

With a little fashion sense, there is no reason why you cannot rock a swimsuit after giving birth. It takes some time to adjust to your new body after birth. If you are not completely comfortable in your body just yet, then you may want to pick a swimsuit that does a little more concealing than revealing. One piece swimsuits can be great in covering areas that are still recovering like your belly and sides. And shorts can be a great alternative if you are not yet ready to show off your hips and thighs. The great thing is that one piece outfits are coming back in style this season. So your options of picking a swimsuit that is cute and practical are plenty.


5. The Sun Is Your Friend

Here’s a reason to rock a two piece this summer: sunbathing. Help reduce the appearance of your stretch marks by showing them some warm summer loving. When you sunbathe, not only will you be working on your summer tan, but you can help reduce the appearance of your stretch marks, and help get them to turn silvery white sooner. It can be hard to rock a one-piece swimsuit after giving birth. But it may make it easier knowing that letting some sun hit your belly and thighs can work in your favor. Just remember, if you’re going to be hanging out in the sun for an extended period, be sure to use plenty of sunscreen. Not only will it protect you from the sun, but it will help protect your skin and keep it hydrated and soft.

6. Accessorize

Accessories are a godsend. Especially if you are not yet ready to wear a two-piece, and a one piece still makes you a bit nervous. Invest in a couple of bathing suit coverups like a beach tunic or a mesh shawl before you hit the beach this summer. The great thing about a bathing suit cover-up is you can work your way to your perfect comfort zone. Showing off your post-baby beach body is challenging. A beach cover-up will allow you to show off as much or as little as you are ready for. Just remember, your beach cover-up is an accessory, and it should remain that. Don’t hide behind your cover-up. Encourage yourself to work your way out of it and wear it only when you need a boost of confidence.

Summer by the water and lounging around at the beach doesn’t have to change just because you have given birth. You can still rock a swimsuit with pride post birth. By using these tips, you are sure to get your confidence back and rock a swimsuit with ease. From your stretch marks to your scars, your body is proof of the miraculous gift of birth. That alone is something worth showing off this summer.

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