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BravoFor2 2-Passenger Double Stroller Product Review

Best Features of The Product 

  • Lightweight
  • Price
  • Maneuverability

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What Other People Are Saying

The BravoFor2 Passenger Double Stroller is unique in its design from many of the other double strollers out there. It provides dual riding functions for an infant and a toddler. However, this stroller is not made for two infants.  This stroller is not going to fit the needs for the parents of twins since it will not accommodate two infant car seats. However, if you have an infant with a toddler or two toddlers, this might be the stroller for you.  This is a compact and lightweight stroller, which is a real plus for a double stroller.  But be aware that the BravoFor2 Passenger Double Stroller has a maximum weight capacity of only 30 pounds.  

Most Talked About Features: 


double stroller

The canopy is adjustable.  It is large enough to provide shade for both the front and back passengers, providing that the sun isn't directly hitting one child in the face.  It is a shared canopy for both passengers.

Infant Car Seat

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For infants, this stroller utilizes a the KeyFit Infant Car Seat and the Fit2 Infant and Toddler Car Seat.  The BravoFor2 Passenger Double Stroller seat folds forward to accept the cars seat with the integrated attachment points.  Parents will be able to hear the audible click when the car seat is in properly.  No car seats are included with the stroller purchase.  Keep in mind that in order to utilize the infant car seat capabilities on this stroller, you will need to have a car seat that has a KeyFit system.  

Older Children

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For toddlers, the BravoFor2 Passenger Double Stroller has a back seat and platform where kids can choose to ride (rear-facing) or they can choose to face the road ahead.  The toddler seat folds away when not in use.  For added security, the toddler seat includes a 2 point harness system.  When the toddler chooses to stand, he or she can use the grip handles to hold on to for added stability.  There is also a backrest that gives extra support.  The older child is not going to be able to recline and sleep in this stroller.  This stroller only accommodates a back seat passenger that is awake and standing or sitting up straight.  That is one drawback of the BravoFor2 Passenger Double Stroller.  

Cup Holders

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Two cup holders are at the parents level in the back by the handlebar.  This is nice for storing sippy cups for the kids or water bottles for the parents.  The child seat in the front also has two small cup or snack holders.  These cup holders are nice for staying hydrated and fueled while on the go.  This is an especially nice feature for those all day trips.

Folding Up

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The BravoFor2 Passenger Double Stroller can be folded using one hand.  There is a fold handle that can be used to help fold up the stroller.  Once the stroller is closed, the fold handle can double as a carrying handle.

The majority of parents who purchased this stroller were pleased with how small it folded up for storage.  Some double strollers are simply huge even when folded up.  This makes storing the stroller away in trunk impossible if you have a small vehicle.  So, the fact that the BravoFor2 Passenger Double Stroller compacts into a smaller size, is definitely an asset for a double stroller.

Stroller Weight and Weight Load Capacity

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The stroller itself weighs 26 ½ pounds.  This is comparatively very light for a double wide stroller.  When occupied, the stroller is made to only carry 30 pounds.  This is not a lot of weight, so many parents found that their kids outgrew this stroller rather quickly.  It may meet your needs for awhile, but keep them in mind if longevity of a stroller use is important.  Some parents commented that this was a nice stroller while it met their needs, but unfortunately the weight capacity set at 30 pounds just isn't much at all.


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Comfort it a hot topic with varying opinions among parents for the BravoFor2 Passenger Double Stroller.   Some say that because the front seat must be reclined in order to fit the infant seat, that the child in the back has too tight of quarters to be able to sit comfortably.  Others, however, say that both of their children seemed very comfortable in both seats.  A lot is also going to depend on the size of your children. 

Keep in mind that this stroller can only handle 30 pounds of passengers.  As your children grow the comfort level may decrease when using this stroller.


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This stroller has 4 wheels.  The back wheels are slightly larger in diameter than the front wheels.  The front wheels swivel to help maintain a smooth ride for both of the children.  The wheels are going to be too small to go over any kind of rough surfaces very well.  But this is not made for off road/trail kind of traveling.  For smooth surfaces, these wheels do a good job.


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The majority of parents who bought this stroller said that it was easy to push provided you didn't go across bumpy or gravel roads.  If you stay on smooth surfaces, most said that this stroller felt lighter and easier to push than other double strollers that they have purchased.

Customers who bought this stroller also said that turning was easier with this stroller compared to other double strollers.  This stroller's weight is a big plus when trying to maneuver it around.  Also, because it is not a side by side double wide stroller, you will be able to push this easily through standard sized doors.  This is a big plus because you won't have to get your children out every time you go through a door or tight space.  


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The BravoFor2 Passenger Double Stroller has parking brakes that will help to keep the stroller in place when parked. Though there are no hand held brakes for slowing the stroller down or stopping it. 

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The BravoFor2 Passenger Double Stroller has a large storage basket space under the seats.  There is plenty of room for beach towels, a diaper bag, and a sack lunch all in that one area under the seat. 

The BravoFor2 Passenger Double Stroller also has a little mesh pouch on the back side of the front seat for storing little items.  In between the parent cup holders, there is also a small and conveniently placed pouch for storing your cell phone, keys, and money. 

My Conclusion 

If you are wanting a durable stroller that is able to fit through tight spots with easy maneuverability, this might be the stroller for you. Keep in mind that the weight capacity is only 30 pounds, so it may not be a long term solution for transporting your precious cargo. This stroller is reasonably priced considering the features it provides to the consumers.   

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