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Skip the Mom Jeans! Fashionable yet Comfortable Maternity Style

Moms have quite the reputation when it comes to fashion. The infamous ‘mom jeans’ fit poorly, look outdated, and stand out in a crowd (for all the wrong reasons). Moms typically select shoes for their amount of cushion rather than their aesthetic appeal. Moms are also known for t-shirts, jump suits, and yoga pants. The common denominator is that moms usually opt for clothing items that are comfortable, and forsake fashion in the process.

We don’t blame them. If anyone deserves to dress in pajamas all day long, it’s our mothers. Her work day starts the moment she wake up and ends when the kids are finally tucked in bed — assuming she is not interrupted during the night. Pregnancy multiplies all the stress, exhaustion, and general difficulties tenfold. If mothers tend to err on the side of comfort in the style continuum to begin with, pregnancy often plants them securely on the side opposite of fashion.

But this does not have to be your fate! You can be both fashionable and comfortable! It is possible! Below, we have outlined several maternity styles that fit that bill. You can imitate your normal, pre-pregnancy style or use your pregnancy as an opportunity to experiment with new ones.


Blazers, blazers, and more blazers. Rock that baby bump with tight pencil dresses and skirts, and then dress them up with colorful jackets. Trade your high heels for simple flats and BOOM, you’re done. If you’re feeling particularly fancy, complement with necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses and purses. If you’re feeling particularly tired, throw your hair up in a bun and you will still look effortlessly preppy.


Being a hipster pregnant women involves loose dresses, skirts, jackets, shirts, jumpsuits… just loose clothing items! And what is more comfortable than that. This style involves fashion risks. It sticks to solid colors, neutrals and colorful hues. For a little something special, put effort into some unique accessories, whether that be a cute headband, hat, jewelry or shoes.


Boho and hipster styles can be easily confused. The boho style also involves flowy clothing and values whites, blacks, and browns. But this style is not afraid to stray from solid colors, experimenting with floral prints and stripes. Layering your outfits is a key to achieving this look — always have a cardigan or kimono on hand. Stick to boots and hats for a little fun.


Jean jackets – that is the epitome of southern maternity fashion. Oh, and leather boots. And belts. Maybe throw some flannel in there just to be safe. Southern-styled future moms aren’t afraid of bright colors, and love to illustrate their affection for all things color through their necklaces and dresses. Through the cut of your clothes or with the help of a belt, draw attention to the slimmest part of your figure while highlighting your bump with cinching your dresses directly above it.


Contrary to popular belief, you can dress in an athletic style without looking frumpy. Sure, throw on your favorite pair of leggings. Snag a comfy pair of sneakers. But instead of teaming them with an old cotton t-shirt from high school, opt for a simple yet slightly more quality top. Add a cuddly cardigan if you want — I will feel like you’re leaving the house wrapped in a blanket. And it doesn’t get much more comfortable than that.


Don’t let pregnancy change anything about your typically classy style. Wear your timeless denims, cardigans, dresses, and blouses. Keep wearing stripes, polka dots, and bright colors. If you adhered to the classic clothing style before pregnancy, you probably already have stylish yet incredibly comfortable footwear — such as quality leather boots, flats, and sandals.

You need not sacrifice style in order to be comfortable during your pregnancy. It is not an either-or scenario. You can have it both ways! Resist the temptation to reach for the mom jeans and enjoy being a stylish pregnant woman!

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