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To Date Online Or Not To Date Online? That Is The Question!

Let’s be real for a moment, trying to meet a great man can be difficult. If you have a job that is more female dominated, have just moved to a new town, or are just out of luck, you might be wondering how you are ever going to end up with your happily ever after. Online dating has become wildly popular over the last five to ten years, yet people are still skeptical of going online to meet someone. But should you? Find out below as we unpack the actual pros and cons of online dating! 

Pro #1: It’s Been Done

There are currently 40 million single people in the United States alone who are registered for an online dating service. That, coupled with 1 in 5 relationships now starting online, means that you have a pretty good shot of meeting someone. It also should give you reassurance that this is a practice that plenty of people have tried and have gotten positive results from already.

Pro #2: More People

You get to cast a wider net. You can come across people, even in your same geographic location, that you’ve never met before.

Pro #3: Tests

Most online dating services have you take a personality test and answer questions that can help match you up with someone more similar to you. This can eliminate grilling someone when you are on the first date. 

Pro #4: Relationship Status

These people want to be in relationships. Nothing is more annoying than when you meet a cute guy in person, but have no idea if he is looking for something more serious or already in a relationship. This helps clear up the confusion.

Con #1: Online Communication

Though the digital web gives us an excellent way to connect with people like never before, there is nothing like having a conversation with someone face-to-face. Face-to-face communication also helps you to know if you are attracted to a person before you go on a date with them. You can solve this con quickly, by scheduling a face-to-face meeting as soon as you are matched with someone you like. 

Con #2: Lies

People lie. It’s so easy on the internet to make up your weight, height, religious views, profile pics, and activities you do for fun. You have to be careful with people who seem like they have it all together online. Also, watch out for someone who refuses to meet you in public, that could be a clear sign that you have a Catfish on your hands.

Con #3: Mismatch

Just because dating sites have you take tests to match you up with people, doesn’t mean that those people are automatically going to be your soul mates. It’s important to take those tests and results with a grain of salt. Don’t completely turn down a man because he doesn’t meet your online check list.

Con #4: Overwhelming

It can be overwhelming. With so many people and options to sort through, online dating can start to feel like your second job. It’s important that you don’t tire yourself out and obsess about meeting someone online right now. Take a deep breath, and only spend time on the site when you have it. 

As you can see, there is no perfect reason to try or not try online dating. But just like going on any date for the first time, you have to be willing to take a chance if you want to succeed. If you have met your husband or boyfriend online, we’d love to hear your story! Feel free to share it on our Facebook page! 

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