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8 Ways To Better Help Your Kids With Homework Each Night

If there is something that all families have in common, it is their dislike for homework, starting with dad and mom, and extending to the school kids themselves. However, just like taxes, homework is one of the necessary “evils” that we have to deal with at home. It does not have to be all dark and gloom. You can pump some life into it using the tips given in this article.

Make It A Priority


Know how your kid loves to work and then program the time with that. For example, some children love to do their homework straight after school, get it over and done with, but others like to rest first and then do their homework later. Once you have learned how your child works, let them know what you expect of them.  However, lay a ground rule, especially regarding the latest time that one should start their homework. This could be 4.00PM or 5.00PM depending on the needs of your children. The sooner the better, get it out of the way.

Never Ever Skip Homework Just Because Your Child Forgot The Assignment


It is simple really, get on the phone with the mom of one of his classmate buddies, request that she take a photo of a certain page, and send it to you. That way, you teach your children that there are always many ways out of a rut. It will also teach them never to forget their homework again.

Help Your Children Not To Fear School And Homework


Most children have very high expectations of themselves in and out of the classroom. However, one thing that you should know is that their high self-esteem is very easy to get down when they fail. Of course, failure and success go together. So be sure to encourage your children all the time, to let them know that whether they fail or pass, they are still great. Tell them of that time you failed in math, but you later worked harder and scored highly. Get the child started on the homework, help them a bit, and as soon as you are a few minutes into the problems, the memories come flooding back, and they remember what they were taught during the day.

Know When To Give The Child A Rest


School can be hard; homework can be harder. However, it is just homework; it is not a matter of life and death. If your child is really tired and cannot hack it all at the moment, let him/her rest. Let them take a break from time to time. If your child says he or she does not understand the assignment, you have assisted him to no avail; then it is time to take a break until tomorrow. If the school day was busy with sport and a lot of physical activities, they might be too tired to complete the homework. Cut them some slack if need be.

To square things with the teacher, you should write a note explaining that your child found the assignment too hard or better yet, let the child write it if they are able. If this is the first time, it will be okay. However, do not allow it become a habit.

Make The Environment Exciting


Things can get a tad boring and monotonous when the children have to do their homework at the same time, same place every day. Make the task more exciting. For example, you can have the children take their home on the patio if the weather allows and if there are no distractions. You can even have them do their homework from a park bench, or from your office. Change the scene as often as you can as that makes them look forward to where you will let them do their homework each day. You can also let them do their homework from your room. It is about trying many things until you find something that works for your kids.

Focus More On The Positive Than The Negatives


Kids, especially at a very early age, need lots of praise whenever they do something nice. They also need to be assured from time to time. Thus, when your child does not get something right, get them to correct the wrong, but then remember to focus more on the things that they did right. When they learn to associate nice work with being patted on the back, getting treats and so on, they will love their homework more and will put more effort into it.

Use A Timer To Get Your Kid To Do Their Homework


That is right; if you have a kid who is easily distracted, you need to kick them into action. It should be easy. Just set the time within which they should complete a part of their homework and then set the alarm to go off after that amount of time expires. This works well. Reward good effort.

Leave The Kids To Do Their Homework


This is important, especially if your child is easily distracted and looks like he/she is enjoying your presence in the room. Now, you do not want them to get used to only doing their homework when you are at home. Teach them to work alone. Get out of the room if necessary or stay in a far corner until they are done.


Try to apply as many of the tips mentioned above as you can to make your kids feel at home with their homework and excel in their education. If you are a particularly busy parent, you can introduce different education and learning apps for your kids. These days, kids can choose from the best online learning apps to understand any subject they find difficult. This free tutoring app, in particular, is helping students of all ages and levels with their study problems.

All education apps are responsive. Thankfully, Google and other search engines are making matters even better by insisting that websites and apps be responsive and that mobile users be protected from a barrage of ads. You as a parent using iPhone, you can give your kids access to the top apple education apps to help solve their problems.

I hope that my article has helped you to see new ways to help your kids enjoy their homework more each night. Good luck!


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