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Auto Insurance Review: Amica

Amica Insurance founded in 1907 in Providence, RI, is one of the oldest insurers of automobiles in the nation. It is known for superior customer service and financial stability.

Amica scores very high in customer satisfaction ratings.  It isn't one of the largest auto insurers, but people who have it like it.  With Amica you can bundle together perks for a discount.  There are many reasons to give Amica a good look.  First, depreciation won't be taken into account if your car is totaled within the first year of ownership (Unfortunately, this isn't available in all states).  Second, there is no deductible for lock replacement if you lose your keys or they’re stolen. Third, there is no deductible for repair or replacement of an air bag after it deploys.  Fourth, you will receive a total reimbursement for lost earnings if you go to court at Amica’s request.

Amica offers roadside assistance.  Their roadside assistance program includes jump-starting a dead battery, changing a flat tire, and delivering fuel if you run out of gas or need your car towed.

Main Features:

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  1.  Earn points for the following:  Good driving, time with the company, referring new customers, or adding other policies.  You can also use the points for accident forgiveness, preventing a price increase if you get in an accident, or to pay down or pay off the deductible.
  2. Identity fraud monitoring:  This service provides 24/7 monitoring at the three major credit bureaus and access to a fraud specialist if your identity is stolen.
  3. Pay No Deductible for Glass Damage: You get full glass coverage.
  4. Excellent Rental Coverage:  You get up to $5,000 toward the rental of a comparable car if yours is in an accident or stolen.


Superior Customer Satisfaction Ratings.  Ranked #1 for overall customer satisfaction in J.D. Power’s 2017 Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction Study, winning the top award.

As a direct writer, Amica doesn't employ any middlemen. Questions are handled over the phone and there is an option to chat with an Amica representatives online for quick questions.


Some policyholders have complained about premium policies getting canceled without sufficient notice by Amica.

What Other People Are Saying

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When looking at reviews and also complaints, I noticed that Amica had more positive feedback left than many of the auto insurance carries that I reviewed.  While it's easy to find stellar reports from people who never had a claim, I wanted to see what people who had them for a long amount of time had to say.  I also wanted to look at what people with claims had to say.  I picked one customer that fit both criteria.  This person had them for a long time and had also turned in claims.  I will share their experience with you in the following paragraph.

From a long time customer who has filed claims:

"I have been a customer of AMICA since I got my driver's license - and that is 50+ years. I started with car, and as I aged, added home insurance and liability...Once, the car I had owned for 1 week burned up and I was reimbursed for my cost, and the contents of the car.  I have always found their representatives very helpful.  Last week, I had a tire blow on Saturday.  Called them and their first concern was about me and my daughter-in-law. Were we ok?  Then we got to the particulars - was the car drivable, etc. In less than 30 minutes the service truck arrived.  The donut was put on, and my miserable tire put in the back...Just can't seem to find anything wrong with their service or coverage."

Cost and Process to Join

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The policy premiums from Amica are just slightly cheaper than most other car insurance providers. One study looked at overall averages across fifty states, and found that Amica's rates were slightly cheaper than the overall average across the fifty insurers for most of the demographics.

While there are companies that do offer lower rates, they don’t all offer the wide array of discounts and cash back options that Amica has.  For this reason alone,  I would choose this auto insurer.  People like to be rewarded for good driving records and receive discounts for it.  Remember when evaluating the cost of joining that you can also earn points for time with the company, referring new customers, or adding other policies.  You can then use the points for accident forgiveness.  So in a way, you get to get that cost down in other ways.

Customer Support

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Amica's strongest asset is how they handle customer service.  They truly do stand out from the crowd dealing well with people.  Some of this may be due to there being no underwriter.  Amica does not employ middle men.  They also employ enough people to handle the number of policies that they distribute.  I think a lot of the problem with other companies with bad customer service ratings, is that they don't have enough employees to handle the cases.  Customer service with Amica is truly one of their best qualities.  I don't know about you, but to me that means a lot.

My Conclusion 

Amica is known for it's great customer service.  This is one of the oldest insurers of automobiles in the nation.  When a company has been in business for that long of time, they must be doing something right.  Amica is not the cheapest insurance company out there, but they also are not the most expensive.  They are just slightly cheaper than most insurance companies.  It was hard to find out much of anything bad to say about this auto-insurer.  They have some nice extra options that you can choose from such as the Platinum Choice Auto.  I liked that you can earn points for accident forgiveness, preventing a price increase if you get in an accident, or to pay down or pay off the deductible.  Unless you are looking for the very cheapest insurance out there, I highly recommend Amica.  I do not have this insurance, but from the study that I have done on them I'd feel comfortable switching. I hope that this review of Amica can help you as you look to purchase auto insurance in the future. 

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