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Fall Wedding Ideas We Can’t Get Out of Our Heads

Everyone knows fall is #PSL (pumpkin spice latte, of course!) season! But for many of us, it’s also wedding season, and you’re looking for fall wedding ideas. I may be biased, but, really, there’s nothing like fall weddings. The weather is mild (not too hot, not freezing) and the leaves turn to stunning, vivid colors. It’s a peaceful and mellow time with summer ending and the holidays right around the corner.

Frankly, it’s the perfect time of year for a wedding.

Fall wedding ideas don’t have to mean orange and pumpkin everything. It can, if that’s your thing, but it doesn’t have to. Fall is reds, browns, and yellows. It’s also apples, sweet potatoes, and pears.

Fall Wedding Ideas Other Than Orange

It’s natural to think of orange in the fall. Pumpkins are everywhere and, of course, Halloween is on its way. But, look to nature for more ideas than jack-o-lantern orange. Fall wedding ideas can include burgundy and chocolate tones. Or, it can include bright yellow from sunflowers.

Check out these centerpieces that use bring in fall colors in unexpected ways. Yes, there are pumpkins, but there are also oranges, acorns, and leaves. Even the candles have some unexpected beige tones that are mellow and cozy.

You can easily include your bridesmaids in your fall color scheme, choosing dresses that come in every color of the season. And that doesn’t mean only orange, red, and yellow. Check out this sage-toned dress.

Save the Date

Both your save the date cards, and invitations set the tone for your wedding. Whether you’re doing formal and fancy, or casual and low-key, these cards are the first “wedding things” your guests see.

Pick a card with a fall theme, like a pile of colorful fall leaves. Or, try a picture of something fall-like, like a picture of a tree branch with some colorful leaves around it.

Down the Aisle

Inside or outside, it’s easy to have a touch of fall at your wedding ceremony.

Sure, pumpkins are a thing, and there’s plenty of ways to use them to decorate the aisle. Like this:

Or even this:

Or you could stick with seasonal flowers like mums and sunflowers:

Seasonal Surprises

Fall has a surprising amount of in-season flowers. Asiatic lilies, Gerbera daisies, calla lilies, sunflowers, and roses, are just a few.

And, while you may feel obligated to use bright colored flowers (since they will stand out against your white dress), there’s no reason why you can’t use seasonal flowers and white ones.

Don’t forget about boutonnieres! There’s nothing that says those can’t be fall-themed, too. Maybe try some acorns for a unique fall touch

Party Time

Now it’s time to celebrate! Of course, you want to keep the fall feeling going. And that means decorating the table. 

Fall is peak apple picking season, so why not make them part of the tablescape?

Or part of the centerpiece.

Or as a candle holder.

Don’t swear off pumpkins. Embrace them instead. Use them as a natural and colorful vase.

Or make them a smaller part of the centerpiece.

You’ve probably never thought about wheat. But, it is an important part of the fall harvest. It also makes a surprisingly understated addition to any centerpiece. And, since it’s a neutral color, you can tie in all the colors of fall.

Place Cards

Everyone thinks apples and pumpkins when it comes to fall, but what about pears or pomegranate? These two seasonal fruits can be a fun and unexpected addition to your fall wedding. Maybe as a place card?

But, of course, pumpkins are classic (and cute!)

Or, you could embrace the season and go full-on Halloween!

Sign In, Please

If you go the guest book route, you don’t need to go with a traditional “book.” There’s no reason you can’t weave fall into every part of your wedding. Check out this falling leaf “guest book.”

Trick or Treat

If you’re having a fall wedding, there’s no way to escape the association with Halloween. So, why not take advantage of it! Set up a candy station that uses fall colored candy (or even seasonal favorites like candy corn) and let everyone trick-or-treat before they go.

Or, pick your favorite candies and give the table fall flare.

Bottoms Up!

You’re probably not serving pumpkin spice lattes at the reception (not that I would judge you if you did!). But consider other seasonal favorites. Set up an apple cider bar as a drink station and let people try different varieties of apple cider and test out different mix-ins, like cinnamon sticks and cloves. Make sure you give your guests warm and cold options.

Skip the Pie

Sure, there are all sorts of fall pies (pumpkin, apple, cherry, cherpumple) you can serve at your wedding. But, what about a candied apple station instead? Set out whole apples or apple slices and sticks, then let your guests try out different caramels and toppings to create the candied apple of their dreams!

Pro tip: make sure you toss the apple slices in some lemon juice, so they don’t get brown.

Fall Wedding Ideas Aren’t Just Pumpkins

After reading this, I’d like a do-over on my wedding, please!

Fall weddings are full of color, fun, and unique takes on old ideas. You can make your wedding fun and silly, or classy and classic while using all that fall has to offer.

Know someone who needs fall wedding ideas right now? Share this with all the brides and grooms to be!

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