MAM Trends 3 Piece Orthodontic Pacifier Product Review


The MAM Trends 3 Piece Orthodontic Pacifier was made with a baby's jaw and teeth development in mind.  The most amount of care and thought has gone into the nipple portion.  The nipple is made to be soft like skin.  The company wanted it to feel as much like a baby's mother as was possible with the available technology and materials.

The surface is textured and has small openings on the pacifier shield that allows air to circulate and the infant's skin to breathe.  An easy hold button makes it easy for the baby to grab and attach a pacifier clip to.  The purchase of the MAM Trends 3 Piece Orthodontic Pacifier includes a pacifier clip.

The company states that they worked with a team of pediatricians, dentists, and orthodontists.  The goal in developing this pacifier was to keep babies calm while promoting proper oral development.

The dimensions of this pacifier are 1.5 X 3.7 X 5.7 inches.  The weight is 0.8 ounces.

Best Features of The Product 

  • Price
  • Shape
  • Safety 
MAM Trends 3 Piece Orthodontic Pacifier with Clip Value Pack, 6+ Months
  • Symmetrical orthodontic nipple is ideal for baby's jaw and teeth development
  • Silicone nipple with SkinSoft texture that feels more like mom is easily accepted by babies
  • Textured surface and multiple small openings on the pacifier shield allow air to circulate and baby's skin to breathe



Since there is not a lot to go on with this pacifier as far as parent reviews, I've visited the Mayo Clinic Site to learn more about pacifier safety.  If you choose to use a pacifier, it's important that the risks don't outweigh the benefits.  One risk is to make sure the cord is not long enough to get around your baby's neck. This pacifier does have a clip and strap, but it doesn't look long enough to be a strangling risk.  Still make sure that it can't fit around your baby's neck. 

The Mayo Clinic site also advises this, "Replace pacifiers often and use the appropriate size for your baby's age. Watch for loose parts or signs of deterioration. Also use caution with pacifier clips. Never attach a pacifier to a string or strap long enough to get caught around your baby's neck."

There is a warning on the packaging of this pacifier.  The warning states that you should not tie the pacifier around the child's neck because it creates a strangulation danger.

MAM did put out a short video of this pacifier.  They state to examine the pacifier after and before each use by pulling the nipple in different directions.  If you see any damage at all, the video says to discard it.  The video also says that for safety and hygiene reasons, to discard the pacifier after 1 to 2 months of use.



There is no online information as to what this pacifier is made from.  My guess is silicone, but I can't be certain.  The package does state that it is BPA and BPS Free.

Ease of Cleaning


There are no directions written online or comments on how to clean this pacifier.  However, the packaging does state that it is "washable." I've watched the short video that MAM put together on this pacifier, and it said to clean the pacifier after each use under warm, running water.  They also say to regularly sterilize the pacifier.  The video shows someone boiling the pacifier.  You are supposed to wait at least 5 minutes after boiling to give to your child.

The video also states that while cleaning, a small amount of water may enter the nipple.  It states to gently use clean fingers to squeeze the nipple to get the water out.



I would have expected the price on this orthodontic pacifier to be a bit more than it is.   So, I'd say this pacifier is priced just about right for what you are getting. You'll be getting the pacifier, the clip, and the velcro fastener.

My Conclusion 

There simply wasn't a lot to go on with this pacifier.  Only 2 reviews were left on Amazon and no questions.  However, that doesn't mean that this is a bad pacifier.  It just means that we can't get a good picture of what parents thought about it. Perhaps, if you buy this pacifier, you could leave feedback to let others know what you thought about it.

This is not one of those cute pacifiers.  Supposedly, a team of professionals including orthodontists have come together to develop the MAM Trends 3 Piece Orthodontic Pacifier.  I personally didn't like that water entered the pacifier when cleaning.  And I didn't like that I couldn't easily find out what it was made of.  

So in conclusion, this purchase is really up in the air.  You may be like the 2 customers who left 5 star reviews.  If you do purchase this pacifier, I hope you may leave some feedback on it.

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