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10 Must-Have Signs for Your Big Day

Planning a wedding can be tons of fun, but at the same time, a lot of work. I’m pretty sure almost every bride and bride-to-be out there has used or at least visited Etsy! Well lucky for you, we have teamed up with Etsy to offer you some must have wedding signs for your big day. You can even hang some of the signs in your home after the wedding so that you can continue living with the memories of your special day. Lets get to shopping!!

1. Our Love Story



I just love this sign!! I think it is the cutest little sign to show everyone what a fun journey you and your soon to be hubby have been on. The best part about this sign is that you can also keep it and hang it up in your home after your wedding!!

2. Welcome to the Wedding of….



Welcome all of your guests with this beautiful sign that you can hang outside of your wedding entrance. No matter the theme of your wedding you can’t go wrong with this sign!

3.  Sit Where You Please!



Many couples struggle with the idea of whether or not to have assigned seating. If you’re not having assigned seating at the ceremony then this sign is for you!! Your guests will enjoy reading this as they find their seats!

4. Clear Glass Sign



This is another one of my favorites! I mean look at it! How could you not fall in love with this sign? You can use this one anywhere you’d like at your wedding AND you can hang it up at home after the wedding is over! This one is a must!

5. I Love You, Dad




For all of the “daddy’s little girls” I think this is such a touching tribute to the man that is going to give you away. With this sign you’ll get him to shed even more tears then he already will!


6. Guest Book Alternative



Want to be a little different and not do the traditional guest book? Then this is for you. I think this is such a cool alternative to the average guest book. Most guests books get stored somewhere and don’t get any use. With this type of “guest book”, you can hang it in your home and actually have a memory to look at on a daily basis of all your friends and family who celebrated with you!


7. This Way Please



Are parts of your wedding a little scattered? If so, how perfect is this sign? I mean even if your wedding is very organized all in one place, this is just the cutest little decoration piece you can’t pass up on.


8. Established Since…



Ok so this one isn’t really a wedding sign per say, but I love it!! I even ordered one for myself!


9. Welcome!



Similar to the other welcome sign, this one is pretty perfect as well! You can’t go wrong with either!


10. Mr. and Mrs.



How perfect are these Mr. and Mrs. chair signs? After all it is your day. Make your chairs stand out even more with these cute signs.

Etsy is the perfect place to get the best personalized items, especially when it comes to wedding planning. If you are planning your wedding then at least one of these signs is definitely for you.

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