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The Pros and Cons of Having a Destination Wedding

Should your wedding be in some exotic location?

Have you been dreaming of that special destination place for your wedding?  A sandy beach with blue skies above or maybe a snowy mountaintop resort?  Running off to a faraway land to get hitched does sound romantic.  But what are the drawbacks?  I’ve put together some pros and cons of having a destination wedding.

Pro #1:

You will get to get married in some exotic or incredible place.  Your wedding will be so unique, special, and romantic.  Just think about those wedding photos taken in the destination of your choice.  It’s fun to get out of the same environment you live and work in, to get married.

Con #1:

You are going to have to make a lot of arrangements and also count on them all working out.  A family member of mine wanted to get married on a sandy beach down South.  The problem was when the day came for the wedding; the weather did not cooperate for an outdoor wedding. She compromised last minute and got married on a boat with indoor seating.

Pro #2:

If you wanted a small wedding and were worried about hurting feelings of who to leave off the guest list, this will be your ticket out.  You could even just keep it very small like immediate family and a few friends.  Some couples like to escape the whole stress of planning for guests and don’t invite anyone.

Con #2:

You are going to have to make arrangements long distance.  You won’t be able to go and visit the establishment or talk to anyone in person.  If you have a hard time trusting and releasing control to others, a destination wedding might not be for you. You won’t be there in the flesh to make those planned out and also last minute changes.

Pro #3:

You will most likely save lots of money by having a destination wedding.  Though this is not always the case, it’s usually much more expensive to have a large wedding reception in your hometown than a small number of guests out of town.  The food bill will  significantly decrease.  Keep in mind though, that it is wedding etiquette to pay for your guest’s accommodations.  Your guests should be expected to pay for their airfare to your wedding destination, but their lodgings and hotel expenses should be on you.

Con #3:

Many of your friends and family members may not be able to make it.  The expense of the travel cost may limit many of the people you love most from being there on your big day.  It also may be hard for some people to get off of work for multiple days so that they can attend.  Families will have multiplied expenses getting everyone to your destination.

Pro #4:

Your whole wedding will be all in one spot.  No need to worry about getting from the wedding ceremony to the reception hall.  And no need to worry about getting to the honeymoon destination.  This will cut down on a lot of stress and planning.  Guests can also relax and not have to have a designated driver if they drink.

Con #4:

Do you really want all your friends and family around for your honeymoon?  Will it really be a honeymoon if you are socializing with your family and friends?  You could make sure that you and your new husband stay longer after the guests have taken off, but still.  It isn’t quite the same as starting your honeymoon and new life together alone on the night of your wedding.

As you can see, there are many advantages and disadvantages to having a destination wedding. The most important part of any wedding day is to make sure that it is going to delight you and your husband-to-be. If you have had a destination wedding before, feel free to leave tips for our readers below!


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