6 Alternative Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving If You Can’t Go Home


One of the worst feelings can be when you’re unable to be with family during the holidays. No matter if it’s for the first or tenth time, it doesn’t get any easier. As Thanksgiving is less than a week away, I am reminded that there are many people out there who are unable to go home. Or, people who have recently lost family members and have nowhere to go. It’s hard to be thankful for Thanksgiving when you’re feeling lonely. So, what are some new ways you can spend Thanksgiving if you are spending it alone?


Though there is no real substitute for your family, friends are a close second. Get together with your close friends in the area on Thanksgiving, or around that time and enjoy food and fellowship. Take time to cook great food together, play games, and celebrate Thanksgiving together. Make sure you take lots of pictures.

Chill Thanksgiving

While everyone else is running around trying to make everything perfect for their families, you don’t have that pressure. If you want to sleep in until 12, you can sleep in until 12.  Want to DVR the Macy’s Day Parade and watch it in your pajamas later? Do it. Spend the day how you would want to. Use it to unwind, watch some great movies, and pamper yourself. While everyone is sitting down with their families, why not sit down with a great book and a glass of wine? Suddenly, Thanksgiving by yourself doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Nature Thanksgiving

If you are someone who loves the great outdoors and fall weather, spend the day enjoying the last dregs of nature before winter strikes. Go hiking, running, biking, or anything you want. Bring a great book and string up a hammock in your yard. And what better way to be thankful than by spending your time in nature.

Binge Thanksgiving

Let’s be real, we all need a day just to lose ourselves in a new or old TV show. Spend your Thanksgiving binge-watching your favorite show. Make sure you are equipped with warm pajamas, fuzzy socks, and lots of snacks. Only take a break to take a quick nap.

Christmas Thanksgiving

Why not just skip Thanksgiving all together? If you are someone who is already in the Christmas spirit, spend turkey day stringing up lights and putting up your tree. While everyone is stressed the next couple of days to get everything ready for Christmas, you’ll be all set. And what makes you feel better than all things Christmas?

As you can see, having a traditional Thanksgiving pales in comparison to our alternative Thanksgiving ideas. Which of our suggestions sounds the best to you?


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