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9 Maternity Dress Styles Perfect For This Summer

Pregnancy during the Spring and Summer months comes with its fair share of ups and downs. Especially as the temperature continues to climb. The good news is, you can beat the heat by arming yourself with the perfect maternity outfit. Specifically, the perfect maternity dress. If you find yourself trying to beat the heat during your pregnancy this spring and summer, then this read is for you. Here are some great styles of maternity dresses that you should include as part of your maternity outfit.

Maxi Dresses

maternity dress

A go-to maternity outfit is the maternity maxi dress. Not only do maxi dresses continue to be in style, but it doesn’t get any more comfortable than the perfect maturity maxi dress. The versatility and cuteness they provide are endless. For a casual maternity outfit, opt for an airy and light maxi dress that is spaghetti strapped or strapless. If you are in need of a more formal maternity dress, then a long sleeved maternity maxi dress is just the right maternity outfit for the job. The great thing about maxi dresses is that they can also double up as formal maternity dresses. If you’re lucky, especially at the start of your pregnancy, maternity maxi dresses can also double up as regular maxi dresses once your pregnancy is over.

Chiffon Dresses

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You can never go wrong with a nice chiffon maternity dress. Chiffon fabric is light and flowy and encourages good air circulation. With chiffon, you can be sure to stay cool even when the heat continues to climb. Chiffon is especially beautiful if the majority of your maternity will be during the Spring and Summer months. If you are looking for a long maternity dress that’s made of chiffon, then look for pastel colored fabrics. Long maternity dresses look best when your color palette stays light and colorful. If you’re like me and can’t stay away from the darker hues of black and navy, then aim for chiffon maternity dresses that don’t go past your knees. This way, you can still beat the heat even with a dark colored outfit on.

Floral Prints

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Flowers don’t have to be the only thing blooming this Spring and Summer. Your maternity outfits can bloom with floral prints as well. Floral prints were all the rage last season. Luckily, there’s no sign that this trend is dying anytime soon. Long maternity dresses look best in a floral print that is large, simple, and not overwhelming. Save the smaller more detailed floral prints for short dresses or pregnancy clothes like maternity blouses and wraparounds. If you are going to incorporate floral as part of your maternity outfit, remember to tread with caution. If there is too much going on in your floral print, then your maternity outfit might be a sight for sore eyes. Always try on floral prints before you buy them so that you can make sure the look works with your body and your stage in pregnancy.

Nude Hues

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Nudes have been all the craze lately. This includes nude colored maternity outfits. If you are looking for a maternity outfit that can also double as a formal maternity dress, then consider shopping for a nude colored maternity dress. Now nudes can be a bit tricky because if you choose the wrong shade of nude, then you’re looking at the possibility of well – looking like you are nude. Opt for a nude that is a couple of shades darker than you are. This way, your dress will stand out as opposed to blending in. I find that the best nude hues are tinged with a bit of pink or salmon. This gives your nude outfit a bit of a warmer glow that looks great during the Spring and Summer months. Finally, if you are going to be getting a maternity photo shoot during your pregnancy, then a nude maternity dress should certainly be a part of your maternity outfit. There are a timelessness and class about nudes that portray the innocence and beauty of pregnancy perfectly.  

Bodycon Dresses

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A bodycon maternity dress should be a part of every woman’s maternity outfit. Even if you just wear it once. Now, bodycon dresses can be a bit tricky. If you’re going to wear one, be advised. To wear one and rock it, it takes some skill. The secret to looking good in a bodycon dress is fifty percent a cute looking dress and fifty percent the confidence to rock it. Your body changes a lot in so little time when you are pregnant. For some women, a tight fitting dress may be just too overwhelming to think about. But if you can muster up the courage to add one to your maternity outfits, you won’t regret it. Especially if you plan to wear one to a maternity photo shoot. The body-hugging material is sure to make your pregnant belly stand out in all the right ways. For extra comfort, look for a bodycon dress made of cotton or a polyester blend.

Strapless Dresses

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Go strapless during your pregnancy this Spring and Summer. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t rock the latest trends. This season is all about shoulders, so be sure to keep strapless maternity dresses on your maternity outfit list. Strapless maternity maxi dresses are great choices for strolling around town or going to the beach. If you are going to an event, strapless dresses make great choices as formal maternity wear.  Try to look for strapless dresses that have beading or sparkles on the bodice for an extra touch of glam. Here’s a final tip if you do choose to rock the strapless look. Aim for strapless maternity dresses that hug your bust but are flowery and loose over your belly.

Tunic Dresses

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Another great style of maternity dresses for the Spring and Summer is a classic tunic maternity dress. Tunics make for great pregnancy clothing especially during the start and middle of your pregnancy. Your first and second trimesters come with their fair share of bloating. Not only that, but you might still be getting used to your growing bell. You can comfortably manage your bloating belly by concealing it in a loose fitting tunic. Not only that, but few maternity outfits look good when they are loose. Tunics, fortunately, happen to be one of them. When you’re maternity dress shopping this Spring and Summer, look for tunics that are made of breathable, yet sturdy fabric. And of course, don’t leave out the denim print fabrics.

Wraparound Dresses

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If you thought maternity maxi dresses were comfortable, then you definitely have to try out a wraparound dress. Wraparound maternity dresses – especially the long maternity dresses – provide the perfect level of comfort during a not so comfortable time. Look for wraparounds that are made out of stretchy polyester material or chiffon fabric. Not only do these feel the best, but they tend to look the best too. You want to look for wraparounds that are made of light and airy material as opposed to stiff and thick material. Wraparounds look great in any color, and almost any print. So have fun choosing a wraparound as your next maternity outfit!

Ruffled Front Dresses

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Ruffles aren’t just for little girls. One of the cutest trends of this Spring and Summer are ruffled front dresses. For those of us who are unlucky in the bosom department, then this trend is for you. Ruffles are a quick fix to bumping you up a size or two. That is until your hormones kick in and bump you up naturally, hah! Ruffled front maxi dresses look good whether they are strapless, spaghetti strapped or long sleeved. For the cutest styles, aim for ruffled front maxi dresses that are solid colored as opposed to prints. That way the emphasis of your dress is on the ruffles, not the print of the fabric.

Final Thoughts

For those who think that pregnancy means that you have to give up your sense of fashion, think again. Whether you choose a chiffon dress, a maxi dress, or a wrap-around, you can’t go wrong with a maternity dress. Stay cool and fashionable this Spring and Summer by keeping up with the latest trends in maternity outfits.

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