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Artistic Ways to Personalize Your Boutonnière

In weddings, all of the attention is normally given to the bouquet and making it look beautiful, a lot of people tend to forget or give little effort into making the boutonnière look awesome. Normally the boutonnière is made up of the same flowers and elements as the wedding bouquet, which is perfectly fine, but it tends to lack originality. Here are some great boutonnières made by brides and grooms who wanted a more personalized and special touch for their boutonnière on their big day.

Simplistic Initials

This minimalist view on a boutonnière is a simple way to include something meaningful on your boutonnière. You can decide to put the medallion in with flowers or by itself for whatever best fits your wedding theme. You can inscribe the date of your wedding and your initials on the medallion to make it something to pass down for generations.

Musical Tones

If you and your fiancé have always been “in tune” with one another, then this is the boutonnière is definitely one to consider. Especially if your future husband is a fan of music and instruments, he will most definitely fall in love with this personalized boutonnière.  Incorporate his favorite musical instrument and your initials/wedding date and this boutonnière will be one for the books!

Magic Option

Is there a magical spark that your fiancé gives you whenever you two are around each other? This boutonnière is representative of all of the magic and excitement that goes on between you and your husband-to-be.Take a gamble on this clever boutonnière and turn it into a flower that will add a fun and unique twist to your groom’s attire.

Hipster Feel

Have your groom make a fashion statement with this wood lapel boutonnière. This stylish, simplistic boutonnière will be a hit with your fiancé because of its manly nature and  look. It will also match any suit you throw at it so you do not have to worry about it clashing with your already decided groom and groomsmen attire.

Sportsman’s Choice

If your groom is an athlete or sports enthusiast, be sure to run this idea by him. By simply adding an element of his favorite sport onto the already existing boutonnière, it can go from nice to flipping amazing. Some ideas of what elements you can include are golf tees, a piece of a jersey, or a mini ball from a specific sport. You have so many options to choose from that will make the boutonnière extraordinary.

Nautical Dream

For the sailor at heart or in real life, we totally ship your groom and this boutonnière. This is a perfect touch for a preppy or nautical chic wedding. It is a more manly option to a boutonnière compared to just wearing one consisting of solely flowers. Have your groom express his ocean-loving side by wearing this formal boutonnière.

Personalizing a groom’s boutonnière will make him feel special, whether he wants to admit it or not. This can also be a creative outlet or DIY project to do on a rainy day when you want to do something productive without going outside. Make the boutonnière a major aspect of your wedding by personalizing it to the groom’s liking.

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