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Borrow an Idea For Your Something Borrowed

Have you ever heard the quote, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”  It is said that having something that represents each of these is good luck on your wedding day.  Something new, old, and something blue are typically easier to find than something borrowed.  Read below to see how to have good luck on your wedding day with these cute something borrowed ideas.

Grandma’s China

Grandma’s China is a great way to add something borrowed to your wedding day.  China is elegant and beautiful.  You can use the China at the dessert table or use them as place settings at the head table.  The nice thing about having something borrowed is you do not have to pay for the china and it adds a memory of your grandma or if she is still with you it will make her feel special.

Wedding Attire

One of the most common ways to incorporate something borrowed into your wedding is borrowing wedding attire.  This includes borrowing either someones wedding dress, shoes, wedding jewelry, garter, or veil.  These are the most common borrowed wedding attire items and you can even re-purpose them to create new attire.  For example if your mother wore a brooch or sparkling belt on her wedding day you  could incorporate it on your mid line or into a brooch bouquet.   The options are endless.

First Dance Song

Your something borrowed does not even have to be a material item it can be something as simple as the same first dance song.  If your parents had a special song they danced to at their wedding you could borrow it or if a close family member or friend had a first dance song you could borrow it.  Sharing a first dance song with a loved one can make your wedding special.


This is one of the most common ways to incorporate something borrowed into your wedding day.  Like I mentioned earlier you can collect brooches from loved ones and then put them together to make a unique brooch bouquet. You can also always choose the traditional route of borrowing your family and friends jewelry like earrings and necklaces.

Something Borrowed Cocktail

Borrow a cocktail recipe from a family member or friend.  Then name the cocktail “Something Borrowed” and serve it at your cocktail hour or at the reception.  This is a creative and unique way to add something borrowed to your wedding that many people wouldn’t expect.

Ring It In With A Family Ring

The something borrowed can have a sentimental meaning to it, like an heirloom ring.  Whether it is the engagement ring that is borrowed or if the actual wedding ring is borrowed.  If you know your future husband or wife would love an heirloom wedding band you could even surprise them on the big day.


If you are not planning on tossing your bouquet during your wedding reception then this may be perfect for you.  It incorporates something borrowed by placing a brooch, pin or buttons on your bouquet holder.

The Dress

You can either wear a family members dress, use pieces of your mothers dress to add to your dream wedding dress, or completely re-purpose someone else’s dress.  You could make a table runner out of your mothers dress for the head table.  If your mother or grandmother’s dress is lace, and it fits your theme, you could cut strips of the lace and use the strips to create a belt or bow on your bridesmaids dresses.  There are so many ideas for something borrowed that involve an old dress.  The lace is the most common thing to reuse from a wedding dress because you can use it in so many ways.  This includes using lace on a pair of shoes, the example I used earlier, on your bouquet, and to make a garter.

Don’t Forget About The Groom!

Who said that this tradition was just for the groom?  I bet the groom would appreciate to be incorporated in this tradition.  For the groom he can borrow a pair of cuff links that may run in his family or a tie of a close friend or family member.


There are so many ways to incorporate something borrowed into your wedding day.  Whether it’s a piece of jewelry, clothing, or even a song having something borrowed at your wedding is good luck and is sentimental.  Be creative and try not to make it too hard.  Having something borrowed at your wedding is a simple touch.

For sentimental “something borrowed” ideas check out this article.

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