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Get Inspired To Have A Water Wedding

A wedding that take place either by the ocean, on a boat, or anywhere near the water are guaranteed to be breath taking. There is something magical about having a wedding in the midst of the waves and sea salt air. If you are looking for inspiration for a wedding that takes place on the water, you have come to the right place! Here are some weddings that took place on the water that will leave your mouth hanging open and your eyes wanting more.

Yacht Weddings

Weddings on a yacht scream LUXURY! They are quite possibly the most sophisticated and preppy places to hold your wedding ceremony and reception. A yacht will give your wedding a larger than life feel that will have your guests feeling high class and classy.

Cruise Weddings

If you decide to have your wedding on a cruise, there are lots of benefits. You and your guests can soak up the sun and have fun on the days leading up to your wedding. This will make everyone more comfortable when it comes time for the stellar wedding reception. Cruise weddings are a great and more affordable alternative to a destination wedding overseas.

Dock Weddings

If you are a fan of the water, but do not necessarily want your entire wedding to take place on it, we recommend a dock wedding. Whether the dock you choose is home to many boats or is simply just a dock, it will give your big day that nautical feel you desire, just be sure to book a dock that is big enough for everyone that you are planning on having at your wedding.

Nautical Wedding Decor

The most fun part about planning a wedding on the water is planning the wedding decor! Nautical wedding decor is extremely classy and add a fun aura to your ceremony and reception. It is also a great time to use puns like, “sea you later”, “it’s time to sail-ebrate”, and “whale-come to the wedding.” The options are endless for nautical decorations that will be the cherry on top for your wedding day.

These inspirational sea-side weddings are enough to make anyone reconsider their “land” wedding. The decorations and views of weddings on the water are beautiful and provide a fun aspect to your wedding. Go on to uncharted waters by choosing to have a wedding on the sea!

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