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Naked Wedding Cakes That Will Make Your Mouth Water

A new wedding cake style that is becoming increasingly popular is the naked wedding cake trend. It is a wedding cake that is completely stripped of the icing that normally sits on the outside. This kind of wedding cake complements any kind of wedding and tastes just as good, if not better, than a normally iced wedding cake. With the ability to personalize and dress the naked cake any way you want, there are endless possibilities of flavors, decorations, and colors to include. Here are some naked wedding cakes that will hit you right in the salivary glands.

Fruity Naked Cakes

Berry Delicious Cake

Decorating a naked cake with berries is a delicious way to add taste and color to your naked wedding cake. Choosing a cake batter that is light or dark in color is sure to be a hit. Also, having fruit on your wedding cake will make your guests feel like eating the cake will be a healthier choice than eating a normal wedding cake, berries are the icing on the cake, no pun intended, on your naked wedding cake.


Orchard Cake

With fall finally being here, adorn your naked cake with apples fresh from the orchard, or from the grocery store! The crisp apples will add color and taste to your wedding day. Especially fit for fall, this wedding cake will help a naked wedding cake from being blah, to being wow. Much wow, very apples, so fall, this orchard naked cake is the perfect cake for you and your wedding at any time of year.


Mixed Fruit Cake

Can’t decide what fruit to choose to top your naked wedding cake with? How about a whole variety of fruits? By choosing fruits with complementing flavors and contrasting colors, a mixed fruit decoration on your naked cake will add color and vivacity to it. Deciding what and how many fruits to put on your cake will be a great way to personalize and have fun planning your wedding.







Floral Naked Cakes

Succulent Inspired Cake

Succulents are the hit new thing that brides and grooms everywhere want to incorporate in their wedding to give a earthy, hipster vibe to their wedding day. Succulents are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors and shapes, so finding the one for your naked cake will be a fun experience! Adding other floral elements, like flowers and leaves, will create an even more natural feel to your cake!







Abundance of Flowers Cake

Flowers are essential for anything regarding wedding decor, so adding floral elements to a naked wedding cake seems to be right. Flowers will add a sweet and delicate feel to your big day and will even provide a nice fragrance. You can customize the flowers to match those you used in your bouquet or ones that match the color scheme of your wedding. Go with a classic look when choosing to adorn your naked cake with blossoms.






More Natural Cake

Stop by the side of the road and pick some gorgeous wild flowers and plants that will go perfectly with your naked wedding cake! This extremely natural approach to wedding cake decor will exemplify your simplistic, down-to-earth lifestyle that everyone admires. This wedding cake is perfect for a summer wedding when the flowers are in full bloom.







Flavors of Naked Cakes

Chocolate Batter

Choosing a chocolate batter for your wedding cake is guaranteed to supply strong contrasts between the color of the cake and its decorations/icing. Chocolate is a deep color that it best complimented with similar deep colors, such as a deep red or purple, or a light color that will harvest a strong contrast with the cake, like a light pink or white. Plus, chocolate is super yummy!







Channeling Tan

A tan naked wedding cake is the idea color for any kind of decoration, there is little that won’t look good on this cake. Especially with white icing, a tan naked cake will go with any wedding theme or color scheme you have to throw at it. An idea canvas, a tan wedding cake is a classic choice that can be easily dressed up or dressed down.







Red Velvet Vavoom

If you are looking for a rich, striking cake, choose a red velvet batter for your naked cake to give it that extra “vavoom”. This deeply rich and passionate color will make your cake stand out during your reception. This is a tough cake to match things with, which is the downside of red velvet, but the best pairing has to be white or other light colors. Add so va va voom to your wedding day with red velvet batter!







A Little Bit of Everything

If you can’t decide which color batter is right for you, consider doing a little bit of each! This will create lots of visual interest and natural contrast in your wedding. Naked cakes that are multicolored should have decorations that are minimal, very neutral in color, or sticking with one color total. Too many colorful decorations on a multicolored batter naked cake will create an overwhelming amount of positive space.







There are a lot of options to choose from when deciding to have a naked wedding cake at your wedding. Options mean decisions, so have fun making the decisions with all of the possibilities that you will encounter to customize and personalize your naked wedding cake!

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