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Ombré Your Wedding Day!

Ombré is a beautiful trend that can be effortlessly incorporated in your wedding day. The ombré look will give your wedding a delicate yet bold look because of the unique use of colors throughout your ceremony and reception. Listed below are some ideas that you can use to stimulate and inspire your creativity on how you choose to incorporate ombré on your big day.

Ombré Invitation

ombre wedding invitation


An ombré wedding invitation screams fun and creativity. The wedding invitation is the first thing that the guests see about your wedding. It is an insight of what your wedding is going to be like because it goes along with your theme. With an invitation like this, your guests will be able to predict that your wedding is going to be exciting and fun.

Ombré Cake

ombre wedding cake


This ombré cake will be sure to draw the attention of all of your friends and family on your wedding day. This cool, creative way to decorate your cake will give it a light look that will brighten everyone’s day. You can also choose to ombré the actual cake under the icing too in order to make your cake even more ombré, if thats possible.

Ombré Flowers

ombre wedding flowers


By having ombré flowers either in your bouquet or as a table topper, this detail will be sure to add an extra fun aspect to your wedding. Not only can you incorporate the fade of different colors in the flowers, but you can also change up the type of flowers that you put in your centerpiece or bouquets. Ombré flowers give you endless opportunities to personalize them to fit them to your style and liking.

Ombré Backdrop

Ombre wedding backdrop

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Who doesn’t love a beautiful backdrop at a wedding? This ombré backdrop is guaranteed to make for great wedding photos from both you and your guests. It will perfectly fit in with your ombré theme. You can even DIY this backdrop with your bridesmaids to cut costs.

Ombré Dress

ombre wedding dress


This is my personal favorite. By wearing an ombré wedding gown, you are sure to make jaws drop as you walk down the aisle. Though unconventional, this wedding gown will draw everyone’s attention to you and your groom. This dress is stylish and you would definitely be setting a trend by wearing it to your ceremony.

Ombré Seating

ombre wedding seating

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Ombré seating is an out-of-the-box way to incorporate the ombré theme into your wedding. Have your guests become apart of your theme by sitting in these beautiful ombré chairs. By buying chair covers, you will be able to quickly set up this look that guests will love.

Ombré Bridesmaids

Ombré bridesmaids dresses are perfect your wedding because it allows them to choose their color of choice. These dresses individualize your bridesmaids by having each dress represent their personality. Even though each bridesmaid can be seen as an individual, they will be able to come together to create a gorgeous fade of colors. By standing in the middle during wedding photos, you and your bridesmaids will be able to create a beautiful ombré fade.

Ombré Aisle Runner

Walk down the aisle in style with an ombré aisle runner. An ombré aisle runner is a modern, trendy way to walk down the aisle to your husband. By choosing to have petals or cloth as your aisle runner, an ombre touch to it will create lots of visual interest and flair. This is a unique way for you to implement your ombré theme and love for color.

Ombré Seating Charts

ombre seating chart


Show your guests how much you love them by making your own ombré seating chart. This seating chart is sure to be a crowd pleaser because your guests will be able to associate their name with a unique shade of your wedding. This will also be easy for them to find because of the contrasting colors that you put together as an ombré.

By tastefully incorporating ombré on your wedding day you will have a wedding like no other. Not only will this theme reflect how fun you and your spouse are, but it will also leave a lasting memory on all of the minds of your guests because of how different and gorgeous it is.

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