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7 Fun Ways To Ask Your Bridesmaids-To-Be

You just got engaged, now you need your maids!

You just got engaged, and now you are ready to start making headway on planning your big day. But what big day is complete without your girls by your side?  What are some fun and unique ways you can pop the question to your girls? We have your answers.

1. Gift Box

If you are someone who loves to bless people with gifts, you might want to select a gift box of goodies for your bridesmaids-to-be. Why not include a fun shirt, a beautiful canvas, some wine, a mug, a handwritten note, and a picture frame? There are hundreds of unique combinations you can use to spoil your bridesmaids when you ask them. For inspiration, you can’t go wrong scouring Pinterest or Etsy.


2. Mug

Have bridesmaids that love coffee and tea? Then a mug could be perfect for them! You can either ask them to be bridesmaids with the scripted font on the side or sneakily hide the question at the bottom of the cup.


3. Jewelry

Why not give a gift that will be a permanent reminder of your friendship forever? There are cute bracelets, earrings, rings, and more that will help you to delight and surprise your future bridesmaids. Plus, they will be able to wear it long after the wedding and remember all the good times they had with you.


4. Shirt

Why not provide your fashion forward bestie with a tank top or shirt? This can also double up as a shirt that can be worn during your bachelorette party or bridal shower. There are so many cute options to choose from on Etsy.


5. Picture Frame

As women, we all love an opportunity for a great photo op. This is a personal gift that won’t break your budget.

6. Food

We know that your maids love food, so why not treat them to their favorite treats! Get them a basket of candy, popcorn, a cake, or any number of tasty treat for them to sample. I am sure they will thank you.



7. Cocktails

You want to break out the bubbly for your engagement, so why not share some with your girls?  You know their drink or drinks of choice, so treat them to some wine on you.


We hope that these ideas inspired you!


For ideas on how to thank your bridesmaids when your wedding is complete, check out this article.  


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