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These Bridesmaids Dresses Will Make Your Wedding Sparkle

Are you the type of girl who always loves a little bit of sparkle? A good way to incorporate your love of sparkle in you wedding is through your bridesmaid’s dresses. Besides the sparkle in your ring, the sparkle in your bridesmaid’s dresses will be sure to blind your guests as they celebrate your marriage. Here are some dress ideas that are sure to make your bridesmaids gleam and glow throughout your wedding day.

Silver Sparkles

This striking choice of bridesmaid dress is especially beautiful when paired with bright bouquets, The silver sequins in this dress will look beautiful with your pure white wedding dress which will make it pop in wedding photographs. Sparkly silver bridesmaids dresses will give off a classy, posh vibe that will be perfect for any black tie event after the wedding.

Rose Gold Sparkles

Rose Gold is a beautiful color that has been trending for the past couple of years. This color is not only breath-taking on your wedding ring, but it also makes a great color choice for your bridesmaids dresses. This color goes well with multiple skin tones and gives a girly, vintage touch to your wedding. Rose Gold is a lovely contrast color to your wedding dress and will go perfectly with your matching ring.

Multi-Color Sparkles

Not all bridesmaids are the same and neither are there dresses in this case. By letting your bridesmaids pick out a sparkly dress that represents their own style, you will be able to see how their individual personalities are able to mesh perfectly to create a gorgeous bridal party. The only thing to be careful of when going this route, is to make sure that all of their dress colors go together well and don’t clash.

Pattern Sparkles

pattern sequin bridesmaids dresses


Patterned sparkly dresses are extremely stunning. They have high visual interest and make for great pictures. These patterned dresses give an expensive, breath-taking element to your wedding. You can either mix or match the different types of patterns that are offered to create a beautiful collection of bridesmaids dresses. Patterned dresses are a unique alternative to the traditional, satin bridesmaids dress. This will be the dress that your bridesmaid will be happy to have sitting in her closet and that she will be able to wear again.

Half & Half Sparkles

sparkly skirts bridesmaids


Sometimes the sparkles can be a bit overwhelming. By combining a sequin material with a softer, more flowy material,you will have a glam and antique look. This look is perfect for a vintage wedding but it can also work well for a romantic wedding also. This great choice in a sparkly bridesmaid dress will give you wedding day the glitz it deserves. If you go towards the two-piece route, your dresses with be both trendy and reusable, which your bridesmaids will love.

Sparkle and Fur

fur and sequin dresses


Who would have thought that the combination of sparkles and fur could come out so luxurious? This blend of materials is a beautiful idea for a winter wedding. Not only will your bridesmaids be looking fabulous, but they are also ensured to stay warm and cozy for the outdoor photos. You can personalize this look by choosing the color of sparkle and the color of fur that will go with it. These dresses will make you happy and your bridesmaids happy as they endure the winter weather.

You deserve to glow on your wedding day, to make this happen you should be surrounded by those who sparkle. This touch of sparkle is one that cannot be found on a dress, but rather in your company and their smiles. By dressing them in sequins you will be able to have them shine even more as they encourage you and enjoy your wedding day together.

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