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The Ultimate Guide To Giving Your Baby a Bath

Changing diapers and giving baths is something that you will be doing with your baby for many months. Taking the time and care to bathe your baby can be a special bonding time for you both. Today I’m going to go over some tips for giving your baby a bath, which will hopefully make this particular time enjoyable for both you and your baby.

Pick a Time When Your Baby Is Relaxed

Choose a time in the day when your child is relaxed and not upset.  Once you pick a time, make it a routine to have your baby take a bath at the same time every day.  Once it becomes a routine, your baby may start to enjoy bath time.  Make sure you always make bath time a fun experience.

Don’t Make Bath Time Too Long

If this is your baby’s first bath, you should make sure to keep the bath time short.  Infants can easily get cold because they don’t have a lot of body fat.  If your baby begins crying or looks cold, you should remove your child from the water.

baby bath

Make It Fun

There are many bath toys on the market that can make bath time an enjoyable experience for all.  Even if your baby is a newborn, you can still take a little rubber ducky or soft bath toy and play games and sing to your baby.  Play games like peek-a-boo with the washcloth hiding your face.  Be creative and relax.

Inflatable Bathtubs

A blow-up baby bathtub, also known as an inflatable bathtub, is a convenient and portable bathtub that is easy to pack and take on trips.  It’s also nice because it is soft and will fit in a bathtub and sometimes even in a sink.  Inflatable bathtubs are also comfortable and soft for soft and delicate baby heads.  They can be used both at home and away from home.

How Often Should You Bathe Baby?

Parents answers vary significantly on how often to bathe a baby.  Some bathe their baby every day while others believe once a week will suffice.  Much of this will depend on how dirty your baby gets.  The hands and face of your infant can be washed more than once a day if necessary.  If your baby has some major blowouts in the diaper, you may want to bathe right after that has happened.  There really is not a definitive answer on how often to bathe your baby.  But one consensus is that you should bathe your baby at least once a week.

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Infant Bath Seat

There are different types of infant bath seats on the market that will help to keep your wet and slippery baby in place.  While there are differences between the brands, they are all designed to keep your baby safe and in place.  Infant bath seats come in different shapes and sizes.  However, most are designed to hold a baby in place so that you can clean your baby and have an enjoyable experience without having to use both hands to keep a slick baby from slipping.

A soft towel is often used to cushion your baby in a reclining position.  A wet towel can easily be washed off and hung to dry.  It’s important to rinse off the towel before hanging it to dry because a baby may pee in the water, with or without you knowing about it.

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Never Leave Your Baby Unattended

It may seem like a no-brainer to say, “Never leave your baby unattended around water.”  But it may be tempting for some to just run for that washcloth that may not be where you thought it was.  Next thing you know you may be tempted to dash in another room for it.  Just say no.  Make it a rule to never, ever leave your baby unattended even for a second during bath time.  Accidents can happen so quickly.  You could trip and fall while running to another room to grab an item and then your baby could drown.  Instead, have everything ready for bath time before you fill the bath with water.


I’ve covered the basics of giving your baby a bath along with some helpful tips.  Remember, to relax and enjoy this special time with your baby.  Have all your supplies on hand so that you don’t need to take your baby out of the bath to go and get something.  Remember to have favorite toys within your reach.  Hopefully, bath time will be a time that both you and your baby look forward to.

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