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Take a Seat: 10 Unique Ways to Reveal Seating Assignments

When thinking of ways to instruct your guests on where to sit, you want something that isn’t confusing, but not completely boring either. You want something that is unique without it being confusing for your friends and family. Here are some ways to reveal seating assignments that will be easy for the guests to read, but also extremely fun and cool to look at.

1.Take a Look in the Mirror

Mirror sign

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This chic way of announcing your seating chart will leave your guests staring in awe……at themselves. A mirror works extremely well at being straightforward of where the guests are sitting while at the same time displaying your creativity. As long as you use a color marker that will stand out, this sign will lead to minimal confusion. By decorating the mirror up with flowers or ribbons, this seating assignment will go from wow to wowzers.

2.Clip it Up

seating assignment chart

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Have a huge old picture frame, some paper, twine, and clothespins on hand? This different way of displaying your seating chart can be an easy, money-saving DIY project to keep you and your fiancé busy before the wedding. This way of announcing your seating assignments is perfect for a rustic, natural wedding that embraces simplicity. Tackle this DIY and wow your guests with your skills and imaginative side.

3. Favorite Films

film themed seating chart


For the movie-wedding themed bride, this idea of assigning a guest to a movie that corresponds with a table is genius. It individualizes each table and, as an added bonus, gives the guests at the table a conversation starter. This cuts down on awkwardness if the guests do not know each other well. Add a fun, entertaining side to your reception with this original seating chart.

4. Go Green

plant seating chart

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This eco-friendly way to display your seating charts is perfect for every guest. By using plants like cacti and succulents, you will cater to the guest with the green thumb and the guest who kills everything. These plants are easy to take care of and small enough to make it on the drive home. This creative seating chart reveal fits in with a wide range of wedding themes and is a fun surprise for your friends and family to find before the reception.

5. Geek Out

periodic table seating chart


For the science geek in all of us, more in some than others, this seating chart idea is a must! Although at first glance it looks incredibly overwhelming, this seating chart is quite simple. The initials of the guest represents an element on the periodic table and then the number above their initials represents the table they are at. If wither you or your fianacé are science fanatics, this seating chart will be able to show your smarts and your personality.

6. Say Cheese!

Tell your guests to update their Facebook profiles with some adorable photos so you can execute this amazing seating chart. You simply just put their photos next to their assigned table number and whalah, there is your low maintenance, unique seating chart. All that your guest has to do is find their face on the board and go to the assigned table. Finding pictures of families together, instead of individuals,will help save space and prevent confusion.

7. Geode Glam

Gold calligraphy escort card

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If you have the calligraphy skill in your genes, then take advantage of that and mark unique geodes with the names of your beloved guests. By choosing a bright contrasting color (like gold, silver, or black) to write with, the guests will be able to easily spot their names and go to their designated table. This choice of  seating assignment will be sure to be a crowd pleaser and will add a little sparkle to your wedding day.

8. Color Crossing

colorful seating assignment

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Color is key in this seating chart. These can be the colors you included in your wedding or just the color of the rainbow, but they are necessary to avoid confusion on both parties. By assigning a color to a table and then to the corresponding guest who is sitting there, this will actually be a pretty straightforward seating chart. It will look super cool and get the job done with some style and flair.

9. Key to Your Heart

Key seating arrangement


A seating display like this will fit in perfectly with a vintage, shabby-chic wedding. Your guests get to take home a cool souvenir from your wedding and will know exactly where they are supposed to sit among the sea of tables in front of them. This way of displaying your seating arrangement is easy to put together but still looks impressive to your friends and family.

10. Place in the World

If you are having a travel themed or cultural wedding, a cool way that you could possibly show your seating arrangements is through a map. You can assign each table to a country and then assign your friends and family to the different countries. Similar to number 3, you could have each place in the world mean something to you, for example, one of them could be where you and you and your fiance met, your favorite place to vacation, somewhere you have always wanted to go, honeymoon destination, etc. Have fun with this seating arrangement idea and make it something your guests will never forget.

Although the display of your seating location may seem like a minute detail that doesn’t require much thought, it can really be the thing that separates a reception full of confusion with one that runs smoothly. Take care of this detail of your wedding so this part of your day can be as painless as possible.



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