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Wedding Photographer? Stand Apart From The Crowd

Wedding Photographer? Stand Apart From The Crowd

The wedding world is a glorious yet horrendous place. If you’re in the wedding niche at all you will know what I mean. There are many vendors that offer the same services with the same or similar options. You’ve got to show off, but not be cocky, and be the best without tooting your own horn. It’s extremely hard to do so sometimes, especially when there is a significant competition for your niche. So, how can you showcase who you are and stand out in a crowd of wedding photographers?

Be Personable

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Make sure your customers feel right at home. Find common ground and chat with them. Let them know that you are invested in them.

By starting off a professional yet friendly relationship with your customers makes them feel like they are able to come to you. If you listen to them when they aren’t even your paying customer yet, they will feel that they can trust you. Leave a positive taste in their mouth.

Experience Is Everything

Showcase your experience. There is no better way to pick a photographer than to see their showcase of work. Showcasing your work doesn’t necessarily mean to brag, just to have your best work all in one place for your consumers to see, like a website or portfolio.

When your consumers can see different “genres” of your work, they’ll see your versatility. The more versatile you are, the more you will be able to sell yourself.

Your Brain Is Full Of Knowledge

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Knowledge is way different than experience. Experience is practice and knowledge is the ability to actually do something.

Do you know how to get a certain look or post to look natural on film? Show it off. Be sure to showcase the knowledge that you have by creating a portfolio or collection of photos  to showcase your knowledge and experience.

What Does That Tag Say?

If you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting out, be competitive. Don’t be ridiculously cheap, but don’t be so outrageously priced that no one will utilize your service. Find out what other photographers in your area are charging and price your work competitively. Once you’ve come up with a median price from competitive pricing, be sure to use this scary looking equation to see if you’re on target with price.

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Time To Turn Yourself Around

Make sure your turnaround time is consistent. Getting photos back to your customers in a timely manner is everything. Be sure that your turnaround time is clear from the beginning, and that you stick with it. If you normally get photos back to consumers within two weeks, then be sure to keep that promise.

Customer Service

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Be dedicated to giving your consumer the best service possible. Don’t leave them any doubt that you are giving them consistent effort, even if they purchased your smallest package.

They’re still paying customers, so treat them the same as any other client. That saying that the customer is always right? It applies even if your customer is being totally ridiculous. Giving them what they want will make it more likely give you a positive review and recommend you to others. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising!

The Backup Plan

When you meet with your customers, be sure to let them know that you have an emergency back up plan should you be unable to cover their big day due to an emergency . This shows you are equipped to handle any situation.

For example, if you have a wedding scheduled and you fall ill, more than likely you’re not going to be on your A-game. You’ll do your best, but it just won’t be your best. You’ll likely have a second photographer handy to get the shots you can’t. If you must, reverse rolls. Take over “secondary” shots and have your second shooter cover “primary” shots.

Come up with a plan that works for you and the customer. Inform  them  of the backup plan so there are no surprises in the case you need to use it.

When It Is All Said And Done

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Once the photoshoot is said and done, you’re going to have to get these photos to the consumer at some point. Presentation is everything. How will you present your package to your customer? Will you make a book for them? Will you hand deliver it to them?  Mail it in a cute little package with a sweet note and a coupon for a one year anniversary shot?

Anyone can pick up a camera and point and shoot but it takes a true artist to shoot the right moment and showcase it properly. You could be the best photographer but maybe you aren’t getting the mentions or business that you should.

Be sure to follow these eight tips to stand apart from all the rest. You got this! However you market yourself, make it personal and precious. Make it memorable and sweet.

Be sure to take all the guess work out of the situation for your consumers. Stand out and don’t be the everyday photographer; Set yourself apart from the crowd.

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