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12 Months Of Weddings: The Best Color Schemes For Every Month Of The Year!

Every day is perfect to get married, but lets face it, there are certain color schemes that are better than others for certain months. If you think about it, you wouldn’t want über bright colors in the colder months and you wouldn’t want super dark colors in the warmer months. You want to keep your colors and your months coordinated so your wedding turns out to be the best dang wedding of the year!


When we think of January, we think of the new year. A new year and a new start. Navy, blush, and gold embody a new start and are a perfect combo for just that!


When we think of February, we think of Valentines Day. A perfect time to show love and sweetness. Marsala, Rose, and blush are a prefect way to show love and sweetness with a hint of mystery!


March brings St. Patricks Day and while you don’t have to be Irish to Celebrate this day, there are those that go all out, decked in green. However… Let’s stray away from that, March also is the transition from cold to cool. Blush, dark blue, peacock, midnight blue, and gold let you elegantly show off this mid season change!


April showers bring May flowers, so why not give a little sunshine to this possibly über rainy month with a little lavender, light gray, sunshine, lilac, and lemon! Provide your own sunshine!


The flowers are in full bloom so you want colors that won’t over-power their natural essence. While purple is a royal color, blue is a color symbolizing purity. Your wedding will state just that! Pure royalty!


Ahhh, the start of the summer. A wonderful and warm time of year that marks the start of the wedding season!  Pink, lavender, sea-foam green, and mint are a great transition from the über bright and super dark colors.


Ahhh, Fourth of July. A time to celebrate our independence! Red, white, and blue are often thought to be patriotic, but switching it up a little with the deep red, the bright white, and the aqua blue makes for the perfect patriotic color combo without being generic!


We are winding down for the hottest moments of the season, all the while weaning into the cooler months near the fall. The purple, marsala, and salmon are a perfect combination of cool and warm!


Oh sweet September… Garnet, blush, celadon, and gray are pretty perfect for a September wedding. Sweet and romantic!


Let the chill set in, in the best way possible, of course! Light gray, gray, soft orange, blush, and garnet will lead you down the aisle in the best and most classy way!


Riverside blue, marsala, navy, and gray will leave you thankful that you have such fine taste in colors when you walk down the aisle and look back at pictures!


If you plan to have a wedding in December, you don’t have to have green and red everywhere. Go with a more classy color scheme…  Navy, blue, gray, light gray, cream, and white!

Make your color scheme count every day of the year! Will you stick with the top, hottest trends for each month or will you make your own color scheme for your ideal time to get married? Which works best for you and your style? Don’t overthink it and have fun!  Happy planning!

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