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12 Things That No One Tells You About Your Big Day

Most people will tell you everything about their wedding days. Your grandma will go on and on about how weddings are so different these days then they were in her times. Your mom will get sentimental just thinking about how perfect day her day was with your dad. Your best friends will tell you about how happy you are going to be and about how emotional you will be walking down the aisle.

But there are just some little things that many folks will not remember to tell you about your special day. These things are not life changing and overly important, but they are some things to keep in mind so when your wedding day rolls around, you are not surprised that you will not have time to eat (yes, this is very true) and that your cheeks will hurt so incredibly much. So if you are a bride to be and do not like surprises, read on to brace yourself for the future (just kidding, it is really not that bad!).


1. You will get nervous right before the ceremony.

Give it a few minutes, but right before the ceremony, you will definitely get some nerves and feel the butterflies. Take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that everything is going to be wonderful. You get to get married for Pete’s sake!


2. Walking down the aisle is surprisingly fun.

You will totally feel like a celebrity. Or maybe a princess, take your pick! Enjoy it. Having the attention on you after so many months of exhausting planning and stress is a great bonus. Plus you deserve it, so that is great too.


3. The ceremony will probably be your favorite part of the whole day.

I mean, it is the part where you get to say “I do!” to the love of your life. So why wouldn’t it be the best part of your day?


4. Your face and cheeks will hurt because you will smile so much.

You might think that this is not a big deal, but just you wait! By the end of the day your cheeks are going to be crying for mercy and rest, none which you will get.


5. You will definitely cry.

Whether it be when you are walking down the aisle to the altar to meet your soulmate, when your maid of honor gives her speech, or when you dance with your dad during the father daughter dance, you are guaranteed to cry at least one time during the day. And if you do not, kudos to you for not ruining your makeup.


6. Your guests will probably cry more than you do.

Just think about it. Your mom will be in tears, the mother of your honey will be bawling, your emotional girlfriends will be everywhere, so the truth is your guests will probably cry more than you will.


7. The compliments are never ending.

You could be wearing a paper bag and people would still tell you that you are beaming more than you ever have. “You guys look so happy together, congrats!” and “Your dress looks absolutely stunning on you! Solid choice!” are definitely going to be repeated a lot during the day.


8. You will want more alone time with your honey.

As much as you want to see everyone that has come to support you and celebrate you, there will definitely be moments throughout the day where you wish you could simply be alone with your newlywed spouse. If there is a moment to sneak away, by all means do it. But remember that you have a honeymoon to spend this time together!


9. Something will not go as planned.

Something is bound to go a little bit different than expected. It might not be catastrophic (good Lord, we would hope not), but it might be a little something you were not expecting to happen. Even if the caterer is running late or a bridesmaid trips and stumbles down the aisle, you are still getting married in the end. So keep your eyes on the prize!


10. You will be extremely tired.

By the end of the day, all you want is a nap! Do not be surprised if you and your groom fall fast asleep once you get to your destination for the night or if you have a late night flight.


11. You will not have time to eat at all.

It sucks to think about it, does it not? All that money you put down on food for your friends and family, and the chances of you being able to eat all of it without being interrupted is very slim. If you are very intentional about wanting to eat food, be sure you ask the maid of honor and best man to give their speeches early on so you can eat without interruption. Or just make sure you eat a bite here and there!


12. You will be really sad once the day is over (post-wedding depression).

You will actually miss the celebration. You will miss spending the day with your close friends and dear family. You will miss being dolled up and having the opportunity to wear a white dress for a few hours. You might even miss the tears exchanged. This is normal, so do not fret! Just save some cake so you can enjoy that memory later.


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