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Author: Christy Nafziger

6 Heartwarming Ways to Include Your Grandparents on Your Wedding Day

Grandparents hold a special place in our hearts. Besides our parents, they have cared for us and cherished us more than any other adult that we know. They have sacrificed time to spend with us, bought us things we do not even deserve or need, and Grandma always fixes our favorite meal when we go over to their house. To put it simply, grandparents shape who we are as people, and they are incredibly wonderful. So who wouldn’t want to honor them on their wedding day? It is the perfect opportunity to give them the recognition they deserve and...

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12 Lessons from My Big Fat Greek Wedding We Love

The My Big Fat Greek Wedding cast, combined with an amazing and hilarious plot, is what truly makes this film a family favorite. If you need a few good laughs after a stressful day of wedding planning, pour a glass of wine and enjoy the love story of Ian and Toula. If you miss your fiance and need a relaxing movie night together, pop in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and make a marathon out of it. The great thing is, not only is this movie a classic comedy and a favorite, it also has some pretty good life...

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23 Wedding Quotes That Won’t Leave a Dry Eye in the House

Are you a little stuck on writing your wedding vows (it better not be the night before your wedding…)? Confused on what to put on the front of your Save the Date’s or wedding invitations? Do you need some wedding anniversary quotes or wedding day quotes to give your better half on that special occasion? Fret no more! Below is a compilation of some of the most beautiful and heartwarming wedding quotes. So if you are struggling to find the right words to let your soulmate know that you love them, do not worry about it. We got your...

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Get That Boho Photo: Bohemian Wedding Photography Ideas

Having a bohemian themed wedding has become the dream of many inspired brides today. They absolutely adore the cabin in the forest look. Man buns and hipster lumberjacks are the way to go. Homemade flower crowns are the perfect accent to the bride’s hair. And the bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen’s getup are immaculate and unique to perfection. But how do you get that perfect Bohemian picture that you always see on Pinterest? How do you get that lighting? How do you get those creative ideas? While some of these questions should be answered by a photographer, I am here to help...

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Calling All Adventurous Couples: 9 Honeymoon Destinations for the Thrill Seekers

Maybe you and your honey are THAT couple that went skydiving for their first date. Maybe you and your sweetheart swam with sharks or dolphins on your anniversary trip to the Bahamas. Maybe you both completed a triathlon in Italy together. Or maybe you both have been waiting for the perfect time to pursue some crazy adventure, and your honeymoon is exactly where you want to do it! Whether you are both old adventurer veterans or are thriller rookies, there are some incredible places across the world, and here at home in the beautiful United States, that are worthy...

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