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14 Wedding Nightmares That Brides Pray Won’t Happen (As Shown Through GIFS)

Every bride and groom hope for the most perfect wedding when their special day rolls around. The bride has been preparing months for this, the groom has been saving up for months for this, and guests have been anticipating their marriage for months and have waited for this.

But sometimes think do not go as exactly as we planned.

There are the chances that things will not go as smoothly as we had hoped for. Some of them can be funny and a bride can easily recover from them. Other mishaps can be hurtful and really damaging on the couple. So whether you are a future bride, future husband, family, or a guest, keep these awful situations in mind and stay far away from the awful possibilities that can occur.

1. Tearing the dress.


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This is something that can happen to any bride. Whether a bridesmaid accidentally steps on the bride’s train during pictures or a groomsmen tries to help her up stairs and ends up tearing the back, accidents happen. Although bridezilla might be a little flustered and frustrated, do not take it personally. She’s just a little stressed out at the moment!

2. Tripping on the dress.


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Okay ladies. No matter how careful you are gliding down the aisle, positioning perfect for pictures, or dancing with your true love on the dance floor, tripping on your dress can happen. If it happens during the ceremony, pick yourself up, put a smile back on your face and laugh about it, and go with it. If you start crying or freaking out, the guests will be very uncomfortable. So learn to laugh at yourself!

3. Someone passes out in the wedding party during the ceremony.


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Whatever you do, do not lock your knees! If you have to shuffle your feet around nonchalantly a little bit during the ceremony or pictures, go right on ahead! It is better to move a little bit then to pass out during the wedding. If someone does pass out, get a cool cloth and some water quickly in case they are dehydrated. It is okay to laugh a bit to lighten up the guests, but do not joke around about the person passing out. Take it seriously and make sure they are okay before the ceremony continues.

4. You’re hungover from the rehearsal dinner the night prior.


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Yeah, this sucks. You had a lot of fun partying the night before with friends and family, that you didn’t really think about your alcohol consumption all that much. So suck it up, buttercup. Drink some coffee, water, or Gatorade, take a few Tylenol, and get ready for a wonderful day!

5. It rains at your outdoor wedding.


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If you, as a bride, prepared well for this, than this shouldn’t put too much of a damper on your day. Yes, it is frustrating for pictures and the overall gross feeling outside, but you should not be too frantic when it comes to moving things around! Get your crew together to help move things around, start calling and notifying people, accept it, and enjoy dancing in the rain!

6. Someone else wears white.


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Okay, this is downright rude. It is obviously common courtesy not to wear white to a wedding. But if some wonderful person decides to do that, then laugh it off, don’t give them a hard time about it. If you are feeling bold, feel free to comment on her dress and tell her how much you like it. Most likely, her facial expressions will be priceless.

7. Someone spills wine on your dress.


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This is another accident that you cannot prevent, unless you do not have wine at your wedding. Be cautious around the more tipsy people, be cautious when consuming wine yourself, and have some Tide to Go handy in case of emergency! At least it will be something that you can laugh about later (hopefully).

8. Someone shows up to the wedding who wasn’t invited.


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This is always so awkward. Not only do they cost extra because you have to feed them, but they never RSVPed or let you know they were coming! As frustrating as it is, put a fake smile on your face and thank them for attending your special day. At least you’ll get a gift out of it.

9. Someone’s baby won’t stop crying during the ceremony.


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It is annoying when a baby whimpers and starts to get restless during a program or event, but when that one mom refuses to leave the wedding and her child is having a temper tantrum, it is beyond obnoxious! Not only is it making it hard for the guests to hear, but it is distracting for the couple and does (in a way) sort of ruin the ceremony. So do us all a favor: if you are a momma and your child loses it during the ceremony, just leave until they calm down. You’ll still get the food and get to dance, so do not worry!

10. A guest has an allergic reaction to the food.


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This is worst case scenario. To be safe, make sure that people do not have any type of food allergy! And if they do, take care of it before the big day. You do not want to have the ambulance come to the venue and scare everyone away. So either on the Save the Date’s or meal cards, make sure people can list if they have any allergies and if so, what kind.

11. Someone forgot the rings.



Smack on the back of the head whoever forgot them, make a joke about it, then tell them to go and get them pronto. Even if you have to stop the ceremony for a few minutes so the maid of honor or best man can get their crap together, it will be worth it in the end to have your rings.

12. The cake falls over.


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Be sure to have the table steady for the cake from the get-go. If you are extremely paranoid about this happening, then have a few backup cupcakes in case the cake decides to take a plunge, and crash and splash. Although this is not an often occurrence, you are better off safe than sorry.

13. A guest gets incredibly drunk.


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As long as it is not you being the drunk one, this one is not something you need to worry about as much. Unless the drunk guest is getting violent or hurting someone, that is on them for making a fool of themselves. If they do something stupid, laugh at it. People will understand that you cannot control other’s actions, and they will still respect you as a bride!

14. Someone in the family starts arguing.


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If you are tired of the constant bickering and want to pull the “IT’S MY BIG DAY SO SHUT UP!” card, then by all means do it. Family fighting is never fun, and if you are beyond frustrated, then put on your big kid pants and tell them who is boss!



In the end, even if all of these things happen to you (which that is very unfortunate, I am oh so sorry for you), your day will still be special and unique in your own way! So remember who you are, and get ready to get married! Because the ride is going to be great.

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