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9 Reasons Backyard Weddings Are the Bomb

Backyard weddings are inexpensive. That’s just a fact. While the hourly rates for wedding venues seem to increase at an exponential pace, your backyard is always there for you.

Because of this very prevalent monetary benefit, at-home weddings can carry negative connotations. But there are many reasons why a couple would consider an at-home wedding and there should be no shame in opting for a backyard over other more elaborate, distant, or expensive venues. The benefits of at-home weddings far extend the financial.

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1. Say goodbye to rules

You have complete control over the venue and can make any alterations you desire. Bring in any and all decorations, no matter how large or obnoxious. Set up a bunch of indoor and outdoor activities. Invite as many or as few guests as you please. No areas are off limits.

2. What are time restraints?

There is no such thing as time restraints for backyard weddings. Some venues have strict schedules, making setting up and tearing down within your appropriated hours an unnecessary stress. You can set up at your home for weeks in advance and tear down long after your honeymoon. Not to mention, your guests can party late into the night without getting kicked out.

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3. Snag the date

Saving the date is easier than ever. You avoid any scheduling conflicts as you do not have to fight with other people renting the venue for the perfect date. You don’t have to consider which season will be busiest and thus the most difficult to book and afford. Have the wedding you dreamed for a price you thought was only a fantasy.

4. No stress over damages (almost)

Damages are your responsibility. This seems like less of a benefit than some of the previous ones, but it truly is a blessing in disguise. If a rented venue gets damaged, the fees would be more expensive than if you paid for similar damages at your home. Some minor spills, stains, or breaks will be small enough that you can choose not to fix. With more major damages, you can hire a trusted worker for a reasonable fee or fix it yourself. Either way, you will be spending way less to fix damages if they occur.

5. Homey

On one of the biggest days of your life, nerves are inevitable. Whether those nerves are the result of excitement or anxiety, the familiarity of your home can serve as a comfort. Also, the whole day will have more lasting meaning. You will remember putting on your makeup on the morning of your wedding when you go into the bathroom. When you look into the full-size mirror in the bedroom, you will almost expect your reflection to be dressed in a wedding gown.

6. Let loose

You can scream, cry, shout, or cheer as loudly as you want. You can make a bonfire without alerting the fire company. You can dance all night. However you prefer to celebrate your big day, you can feel free to do so without angering the owners of the venue.

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7. Amp up the class or tone down the fancy

You have the power to dictate how fancy or causal your wedding will be. Decorations can totally transform your backyard to create whatever vibe you desire. These decorations can be complemented by the attire of you, your man, and the bridal party. Give your guests a heads up so they know how to dress.

8. Your house, your vendors

Some venues have agreements with specific caterers, photographers, florists, and bands. You have to use their services and pay their fees. By choosing to hold your wedding in your backyard, you simultaneously give yourself the freedom to hand select each vendor. This is particularly handy if you have friends or family that offer their services for free or nearly free. Also, if you want to do something alternative for the meal — such as dessert or various food bars — you have the freedom to do so.

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9. Get lots of help

Because you can begin setting up or tearing down on your own time, you can also ask friends and family for assistance in completing these tasks. Without time restraints, you can disguise such nights of preparation as simple hang outs. Leisurely complete DIY projects while sipping on drinks, snacking on dips, and listening to tunes.

Backyard wedding can be more fun, more meaningful, and more beautiful than even the most distant and expensive one. If you are considering an at-home wedding, arm yourself with these benefits to defend your decision. Then, enjoy!

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