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Boring Bridal Shower Games? Pssh, Not With These Ideas!

Maid-of-Honors, look no further for the best bridal shower games! Bridal showers can be fun, but lets face it, we all know the dreaded games that we are going to be forced to play are going to be a drag and the conversation will be stiff and awkward. So how do you avoid the awkward conversations and the boring games? With these fun, exciting, and interactive games, of course!

Memory Lane

Ask each guest to write down how they met the bride… or the groom! How long they’ve known them, and their favorite memory of either or both of them! All your guest will enjoy hearing how everyone knows the guest of honor and reminiscing is always blast with great memories.

Who Said It?

This is a collaboration of questions that the Maid of Honor will ask the bride and the groom separately, for example, “If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be?” or “Where did you go on your first date?”, they both answer and the guests of the shower will decide who said what. The bride doesn’t participate but she’ll have fun listening to the answers and watching her guests decide who said what! This can be a great ice breaker and conversation starters.

Words of Wisdom

All the married ladies attending like your mom, grandma, and mother-in-law will be a boss at this game. I am sure that you’ve heard their stories before, but this time you’ll have an appreciation for their wisdom. Pretty soon you’ll be the old married lady!

DIY Wedding Dress

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For this, you can use toilet paper or tulle fabric, a timer, and creativity. Toilet paper is a bit wasteful whereas tulle can be reused; Whichever you prefer. Split up into teams, depending on how many are in attendance, you may only have two teams. You’ll need a model to wear the dress and the other team-members will “design” the dress. The bride gets to judge the final outcome of which dress is best!

Cake Contest

Either bake two cake and leave them naked or order them naked, with icing on the side for whichever method you choose. You’ll need some baking tools for this, a knife for spreading icing, food coloring, and whatever else you may need. This is a planned game, so think this through what you will need before hand! Break up into teams and decorate away.  Once you’re finished, go ahead and judge away; But the final step is the best! Eating your master piece!

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Date Night Collection

This can be done two ways! Donations for date nights or actual date night ideas. Both ideas need a jar to put the ideas in or the money in. Write your ideas on a small piece of paper or write them on a popsicle stick. Maid-of-Honor, if you would like a more organized jar, ask each guest to write down a list of ideas to send in with their RSVP and write them all out how you prefer it and present it to the bride from you and all her guests!

With these games, you’re sure to throw the best ever bridal shower ever. Not only will the guests have a blast with the ice breaker games and the creativity, but the bride will never forget the awesome and wonderful party you threw to honor her.


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