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5 Nutritionist Tips for a Bridal Diet that Produces Results!

Your fiancé loves you just the way you are. You could dress in a trash bag, wear your hair in a bun, and forget to shave and he would still think you look beautiful. He loves you for what is inside, for what truly matters. And you feel the same way about him.

Isn’t love a beautiful thing?

As an individual who has discovered love, you can attest to this phenomena. But that means you can also attest to the realities of love. Even though you love your fiancé unconditionally, it is still a nice treat when he puts a little extra effort into his appearance. Your heart flutters a little more when he walks in the door wearing a button-up shirt rather than a sweatshirt. When he styles his hair, you blush and feel blessed to marry such a handsome guy. And even though you fell in love with him because of his heart, you were first attracted to him by his looks.

There’s no better occasion than your wedding day to look your absolute best for your man. Complement your dream dress, flawless makeup, and incredible heels with a physique toned by a personalized bridal diet!

1. Take baby steps

Right at this moment, you are probably extremely motivated. In fact, you are probably the most motivated you will ever be throughout your time on your bridal diet. Right now, you can visualize yourself denying all carbs, eliminating desserts, and only shopping at whole food stores. But it’s not realistic.

Setting too lofty of goals that require too abrupt changes to your current diet can only result in failure. Diets require consistency over a substantial period of time, not spirts of motivation. Use this current motivational high to kick start your bridal diet. But rein in its power, tapping into that well of excitement when times get tough and do not employ all of it at the beginning.

2. Identify your kryptonite(s)

We all have that one culinary kryptonite, that one item that we know is bad for our health but we cannot refuse. Whether it is chocolate milkshakes, bacon cheeseburgers, or sour cream & onion potato chips, these items make the thought of dieting seem impossible.

While you may never be able to completely overcome your relentless desire for your one (or two or three or four) kryptonite, you can take steps to make the process easier on yourself. Identify which foods you truly struggle to refuse. Determine at what points you crave those foods the most — perhaps when you are tired, bored, or starving. Avoid those points as much as possible, and put your kryptonite out of reach when such circumstances inevitably occur. Remember, there are so many healthy green alternatives out there for you!

3. Create a realistic plan

Although ‘cheat days’ are mercilessly mocked, they are actually the key to maintaining a longterm diet (which is the key to weight loss). The human body and spirit can only stay motivated and resist temptation for so long. You cannot expect to eat perfectly all the time — for all meals and for long periods. Unnecessarily stringent restrictions will lead to epic failure if not balanced with breaks.

Some nutritionist recommend the 80/20 rule. Set a diet and stick to it 80 percent of the time, but allow yourself to splurge for the other 20 percent. You can utilize this rule on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. Establishing a time for indulgence will motivate you to push through, making dieting feel like less of a burden. While including cheat days in a diet seems contradictory, they are essential in a lasting diet plan that produces results.

4. Accept your weight loss

Unlike exercise, where you can target certain areas of the body to increase strength or decrease inches, weight loss occurs randomly. You cannot control how your body will react. You cannot dictate where you shed inches. While any weight loss is exciting, visually revealing the fruits of all your hard work, it can be unexpected.

Prepare yourself to lose weight in places you did not expect. Remember that the perfect body you envision may not be the one you achieve. Every body is unique and yours may not be capable of whatever you consider the perfect body type. You could lose weight in your gut and thighs, or you could lose it in your butt and breasts. As you begin to notice signs of weight loss, celebrate it and remember that your man loves you no matter what.

5. Don’t set a number

As established above, weight loss is completely unpredictable. Two individuals following the same diet could have vastly different results. If paired with exercise, the response of your body is even more random and skewed by the strengthening of muscle. Therefore, it is dangerous to select an exact number of pounds you want to shed or goal body weight you hope to achieve.

If you like to set goals in order to motivate yourself, select ones unrelated to a specific number. Reward yourself after sitting to your diet for a week, a month, or a year. Pat yourself on the back when you realize you no longer crave ice cream at night or require iced coffee to get through the day. Do a little happy dance when you finally fit into that pair of jeans from high school. Celebrate the little things and don’t set unrealistic expectations that will only end in disappointment.

Thanks to a beautiful thing called love, you don’t have to change a thing. You don’t need to diet, exercise, or get a makeover before your big day. But if you want to treat your future husband and blow his wedding day socks off, give a bridal diet a go and keep these guidelines in mind.

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