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10 Times Celebrities Were Wedding Crashers

Weddings are typically very exclusive affairs. The bride and groom carefully select each of their guests. Sometimes they allow for plus-ones, but many times there is not enough room in the budget for any extra guests. They utilize RSVPs to know the exact number of individuals they can expect to attend their big day and prepare the venue, food, and more accordingly.

Thus, wedding crashers — people who attend a wedding without receiving an invitation — are unwelcome under most circumstances. They eat food, consume beverages, and take up space specially set aside for the expected number of guests.

But if you are a celebrity, all rules seem to go out the window. Celebrity wedding crashers are celebrated, rather than ridiculed. Some celebrities make a habit of stopping in at weddings they happen to run into. Others are willing to attend weddings upon the request of a friend or family member of the couple. Whether they perform a song, make a speech, or just pose for pictures, the couple and their guests are elated about the surprise celebrity visitors.

Below are 10 examples of instances when celebrities crashed weddings. Please excuse the poor quality of some of these photos and videos. You can blame the celebrities for crashing the weddings before giving the photographers and videographers proper notice.

1. Kevin Hart and Josh Gad

A lack of an invitation never stopped these to actors and comedians.

Josh: “We were a little insulted that we weren’t invited to this wedding.” Kevin: “So we just came.”

2. Ed Sheeran

Ed let his music do the talking saying only, “Hello! Happy wedding day. Shall we?”

3. Jason Derulo

The couple didn’t seem to mind that the lyrics to Jason’s song “Marry Me” were not exactly fitting (seeing as they were already married).

4. Maroon 5

Adam Levine: “We’re gonna drive across LA and hit every wedding we possibly can. It’s gonna be awesome.” And it was.

5. Barack Obama

Obama: “Hey, we gotta see the bride and groom.” It’s nice to see that the leader of the free world could still take the time to recognize the common man.

6. Taylor Swift

Taylor performed “Blank Space,” the song originally intended for the mother/son dance before the mother passed.

7. John Legend

Even though the bride and groom were the ones who felt they received a gift, John Legend is the one who said, “Thank you, thank you very much.”

8. Beyonce and Jay Z

Beyonce and Jay Z added wedding crashing to their Italy vacation itinerary and made one couple’s day all the more memorable in the process.

9. Serena Williams

Perhaps the only person who can get away with crashing a wedding, while wearing a leopard leotard, is Serena Williams.

10. Justin Timberlake

This bride and groom probably didn’t even notice that JT wore shorts, a t-shirt, vest, and hat to their big day. And if they did, they definitely didn’t care.

Celebrity wedding crashers are typically the only type of crasher that are welcome at weddings. Thank you to the celebrities that take time out of their busy lives and schedules to surprise deserving couples on their big days. You never know who will show up at your big day!

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