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As Easy As 1,2,3: 10 Specific Steps to Selecting a Color Palette

One of the most exciting aspects of planning a wedding is choosing the color palette. It may have even been something you have dreamed of for a long time. While choosing the wedding colors may seem like the first step to a gorgeous event, there are actually several things you should first consider in order to have a smooth flow in the planning process. Follow these steps in order to select the perfect wedding color palette.

1. Choose Your Location First

color scheme at wedding venue

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Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having lots of soft, pastel, and outdoorsy colors at your wedding, but then you find an amazing banquet hall location that is right in your price range, available for your date, and you both love it. Light pastels may not compliment the space well, but rich reds or purples and formal black would make it stunning. Always choose your wedding venue first, and then begin to match colors to that. Each wedding location is unique and different and therefore they will each have a color scheme that will fall naturally into place.

2. Plan Your Environment

Many people assume that when planning the environment or the “feel” of the wedding that the color palette is automatically a part of that process. However, it is important to differentiate the two. We all have our favorite colors as well as a range of colors that we absolutely do not want to include in the scheme. However, what about those unconventional in-between colors that no one thinks of immediately, but may compliment your theme impeccably? Whether you choose rustic or urban, beach-themed or ballroom, outdoors or cathedral hall, you’ll want to pick colors that add to the aesthetics.

3. Choose Colors that Mix Well

You’ll want to choose neutral colors to compliment your bright colors for a pleasing mix. Neutral colors are colors that match others well, including black, nude, beige, white, and gray. These help provide great background colors for things like table cloths while the bright colors you choose make great centerpieces or accent pieces.

4. Consider the Lighting

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Don’t forget that colors look different under different sources of light. A deep blue will look very different in a dimly lit ballroom than in an open park setting. Visit your venue at the time of day when the wedding will be held and consider your colors under the lighting. You may find that you need to go lighter or darker in shade, or choose a different neutral color to compliment your bright colors.

5. Limit Your Color Palette

4-color palette for wedding

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The more organized, thoughtful, and formal you want your wedding to be, the more you need to reign in your color palette. While a bouquet of colors may seem fun, it can add a certain level of chaos. Expert wedding planners often agree upon a four-color wedding palette with extra shades of those chosen colors. This helps tie everything back to a central theme in your wedding and allows for uniformity. Choose those four colors wisely and have everything tie back into that combination. This adds formality and organization to the wedding which the guests can easily recognize.

6. Incorporate Your Favorite Colors for a Personal Touch

incorporating favorite color into wedding

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You know your favorite color off the top of your head, but what about the colors you gravitate toward in your wardrobe? What colors look good with your skin tone or your figure? Incorporating your wardrobe colors into your wedding palate makes for an easier matching process because you already gravitate toward those colors when putting together outfits. If you know how to match shades of yellow well, incorporating them into your wedding should be a breeze! Also, adding your favorite colors, whether in general or from your wardrobe, gives the wedding a very personal touch.

7. Get Inspiration from your Flowers

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Many people plan their colors first and their flowers second, but why not reverse it and draw color inspiration from your favorite flowers? Do some research and learn all of the different shades your favorite flowers come in. It’s possible they include bright colors as well as neutral colors for a good mix! This is a great way to gain inspiration if you find yourself struggling to make a decision.

8. Consider the Wedding Party

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Typically, bridesmaids tend to wear the wedding colors. If you follow this traditional route or some variation in which you have bridal party members wearing your wedding colors, consider their skin tones, hair, body types, and feelings! Some people tend to feel very strongly about the colors they are to wear! Finding a color that looks good on a variety of people is a good route to go.

9. What Goes with the Dress?

off-white wedding dress with color scheme

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Not all shades of white are equal! And not everyone chooses a white wedding dress! No matter where you fall on the spectrum, your wedding dress shade is a big key to unlocking the other colors in your wedding. What complements eggshell may not go great with ivory. Consider your dress when making your choices!

10. Ask a Friend

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Keep in mind, this tip should be done with caution. When you ask for wedding advice, it can be like opening a can of worms which can’t be undone. Strategically pick one, two, or maybe three people who you love and trust to ask what colors they see you in. They may open you up to something you never dreamed of, whether that be a color or combination. Your close and trusted friends may be a great source for wedding color advice!

By progressing through these steps, you should have little trouble selecting a color palette of which you can be proud. Eliminate the stress often affiliated with this aspect of wedding planning and move towards excited anticipation of your big day!

For even more tips, check out this wedding color palette guideline!

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