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Thinking Of A Destination Wedding? Know The Facts!

On paper, a destination wedding seems wonderful and magical. But in reality it may not be all that it was cracked up to be for everyone involved. Sure, you’ve probably got an exotic background that will look amazing in pictures and your memories will last a life time for your special day. But what are the facts you need to know for a destination wedding?


The Atmosphere

If you were looking for a nice, relaxed atmosphere, you have found it! There is something calming, yet adventurous, about being in a new location. But a new location and a wedding? Talk about a wonderful atmosphere for a perfect occasion.


The average wedding in the US is around $30,000. That includes all your wedding needs.. but uh… If you ask me, that is a bit ridiculous. You could buy a really nice car for that! But if you have a destination wedding, you probably will not even spend a quarter of that! The total for the couple getting married at the destination of your dreams may be around $4,500 depending on where you decide to go. That is a lot better than $30,000.


Have your passport- Check! Book your tickets- Check! Have your hotel- Check! Pack your bags and go! You’ve got your wedding set (don’t forget the groom!)… All you need to do is arrive. How easy is that!



With weddings, there will be stress. So if you think having a destination wedding is going to take the stress away, you’ve been mistaken. There may be a different kind of stress though. You may be worried about your guests being able to make it.

Smaller Guest List

If you wanted everyone that you ever knew to be there, be sure to let them know ahead of time. But more than likely, your guest list will not be as “bulky” as you may have liked. Don’t get your hopes up for gigantic wedding.

Legal Issues

Contrary to what all may think, you don’t have to be a resident of the location that you are getting married. So that isn’t the issue. BUT! But the issue comes when you are not from that specific country. In some countries, to make your marriage legal, you must have certain documentation and certain tests done for an extra cost!

The Fix for the legal issue? Instead of getting married at your destination, go to a judge at your local courthouse and get married there. Getting married prior to your ceremony for your destination, will eliminate the need for the blood test and pesky documentation. *Be sure to have your certified marriage letter stating that you are indeed married!


You decide… Which is better for you? Getting married and spending a ridiculous amount of money for a wedding at home in addition to a honeymoon… Or face the cons and have a destination wedding. Either way, you get your ultimate goal of getting married.  Think about what works best for you and your spouse and do it! A marriage is a marriage no matter where the wedding is! Happy planning!


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