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10 Engagement Photo Poses to Reflect Your True Love

You’re getting married! You’ve found the love of your life and you are anticipating your wedding. Now is an exciting time where you get to show everyone your love and commitment to each other. Nothing says romance, commitment, and love like an engagement photo shoot. The perfect photo captures your excitement and dedication to one another, so that when all your friends and family see your pictures, they can share in your emotions. Below you can find 10 stunning engagement photo poses to reflect your true love.

1. Face to Face, Heart to Heart

Love engagement photo

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When joining your true love in matrimony, show everyone how sacred, special, and lovely your bond is. Eye contact with your one-and-only shows a deep connection and intimacy. When you look into the eyes of your beloved, you see a future full of hope and love. When others look at you, they can see you have found “the one”. By turning the two lovebirds inward toward each other and maintaining eye contact, the photo reflects a pure intimacy easily identified by all who see the photo. Not to mention, you will have all your friends saying “aw!” when they see you two.

2. One Looking Toward the Other

Engagement poses close

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Capture the adoration you feel for each other by taking a photo of one of you looking at the other, while the other looks toward the camera. This is a stunning pose as the partner who looks at the other can’t help but shine with adoring love. It also captures an innocent whimsicality as the partner who is looking toward the camera cannot see the admiration on the other’s face.

3. Hug From Behind

Engagement poses hug

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Snap a photo of one partner lovingly holding the other from behind. You can either have the partner being held turn their head toward the other, close their eyes in enjoyment, or looking off into the same direction as the other. This signifies the commitment of coming alongside each other in strength and unity, of holding each other up in times of struggle.


4. Get Messy Together

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Marriage is not always organized and sparkly-clean! Sometimes you’ve got to get your hands dirty to cultivate a garden of love and success. Do something completely unique and fun like rolling around in the mud together, painting each other’s bodies, or fooling around in the kitchen for a light and fun take on engagement photos. Let your inner kid run free as you pose for some hilarious and adorably messy engagement photos. Be sure to paint some cute smudges on each other’s faces and smile through the mess.

5. Lying Down

Engagement poses laying down

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Nothing says marital bliss like lying next to your love and feeling their warmth. Whether on the sunny grass, a soft blanket, or even floating on your backs in a pool, there is something magical about relaxing with your partner and capturing that serenity.

6. The Proposal Moment

Engagement poses

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For those lucky enough to capture the moment of the proposal, this makes a great photo to use on invitations, in wedding decor, or even just to help share your story. Capture all the fun and excitement in each other’s faces by getting your photographer booked ahead of time and letting them in on the plan. Emotional, fun, and a great story-teller, proposal photos are the best!

7. The Selfie

Nothing beats a good old selfie with a great angle to capture your youth, love, and happiness. The selfie is a great way for you to get close to your partner and capture the sunshine in your faces. It also makes the moment more raw and authentic because you took it yourself. Selfies are fun, modern, and silly. Whether you choose to use your selfie to capture a mutual smile, a perfect kiss, or a cutesy laugh, everyone will be able to join in your delight when they see it. The selfie is also a great option if you don’t necessarily want a full body photo. Your smile is the best thing you wear anyway!

8. K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Engagement poses kissing

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First comes love, and then comes marriage! Get photos showing off all the excitement and butterflies that come when you kiss your partner. Cute, fun, and lighthearted, kisses make great engagement photos. There are so many ways you can incorporate the kiss! Whether a peck on the cheek or a full on embrace, kissing photos are classic for engagements. Melt the heart of your friends and family by sharing your love with an adorable kissing photo. They will be happy to see you so happy!

9. Piggy-Backing

For a playful and lovely tone, take a photo of one partner giving the other a piggy-back ride. This is especially perfect for your inner child runs free. This fun pose is often accompanied by wide smiles and laughter. Show just how much fun you two are having in life. This is an adorable pose that will make everyone who sees it smile with glee.

10. Admiring the Ring

Engagement poses with ring

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If you two choose to have a ring, this pose can be done many different ways. One way is to have both partners admiring the ring together. Another way is to do a close-up of the ring so that friends and family can see the gorgeous symbol of your love and commitment. Either way, it is a great way to share your news of engagement without explicitly saying anything! It’s always a fun surprise for friends and family.
No matter how you choose to do your engagement poses, keep your focus on what truly matters — the love between you and your betrothed. These 10 engagement photo poses are sure to capture the intimacy of your relationship.

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