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All You Need To Know: The Essential Wedding Day Checklist!

Brides, we all know that you’re going to have the responsibility of prepping for your big day and for all that follows. You have so much stuff to remember and prepare for, you’re bound to forget one thing or another. Your mind will be overwhelmed with all the stuff you have to get done and the stuff that you have to do for after the wedding for you honeymoon. Why not prepare yourself with the essential wedding day checklist!


Prior To Your Big Day

Prior to your big day, you’ll have lots to do. Make sure you finalize these big details before your big day arrives.


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Check in with your vendors about a week before your wedding just to go over all the details with each vendor; where and when they are supposed to arrive. Also check what the final amount is or will be for your big day. Confirm with the caterer the menu. Confirm with the DJ and photographer that they know where they are going to be set. If the DJ has to set up at your ceremony site and then move to your reception, make accommodations and budget your time for that as well.

If you have too much to do and aren’t able to get in contact with all of your vendors, delegate this task to your bridal party. Tell them the information that you need to have and let them do the dirty work!


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Make the payments prior to your big day. Doing this allows you and your fiance to just simply enjoy your wedding day without the obligation of having to pay a bill or sort out monetary details.

Back Up Plan

This may seem like a no-brainer, but be prepared for things to go wrong. If you’re having an outside wedding, be aware that the weather may not cooperate. Have a backup for where you want to have your ceremony and reception if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Have a “rainy wedding day” fund, so to speak. Be sure to have some extra cash to cover any “hidden” costs. If you do not need the rainy wedding day fund, great! Use it for your honeymoon, but having it available to you, is a great insurance policy.

If you aren’t around to answer questions or direct, be sure to have others around that know the layout and will easily find the answer to questions.


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Pack your bag for your honeymoon prior to your big day so that, that is one more thing to check off your list. Be sure to pack appropriately for where you’re going. If you’re going to a summer and hot location, don’t pack winter clothes. A sweater for the night is ok, but pack smartly.


Once you have all the details worked out, be sure to create a wedding day schedule for the entire day for all that is involved. Have it super detailed to avoid any confusion as to when or where everyone should be. Include specific directions for each specific vendor or member of the wedding party.

Give this schedule to:

  • The Parents
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    The Wedding Party

  • The Caterer
  • The Photographer
  • The DJ
  • The Officiant

This schedule will not only eliminate confusion but it will also eliminate unnecessary questions about placement. It may be tedious in putting it together, but everyone (including yourself) will be thankful for that schedule when your big day arrives.


When your big day finally arrives, things will run smoothly due to the fact that you were on top of planning out all the small details. The days leading up to your big day may be tiresome and tedious with all the small details that you have to work out, but all that will matter is that your day will run smoothly and at the end of it you’ll be married!


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