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Try to Get Through These Groom Reactions Without Crying

Making your loved ones cry is bad. Unless that loved one is your husband and the occasion is your wedding day. Whether you are having an intimate reveal before the ceremony, walking down the aisle, dancing for the first time as a married couple, or just enjoying your day, giving your man the feels is the goal of every bride. I wish you luck as you scroll through these images (but my guess is your going to need at least one box of tissues).

First reveal

The pre-wedding reveal is a relatively new concept that is quickly gaining traction. This first look allows the bride and groom to share an intimate time alone before kicking off the day of festivities. As this event is completely centered around revealing your wedding days looks to each other, an emotional reaction is inevitable.

I can’t believe I get to marry you.


I have never been more in love with you.

This is the best day of my life.

You look more beautiful than I could have ever imagine.

Walking down the aisle

If you are a more traditional bride, the first time your groom catches a glimpse at you will be as you walk down the aisle. Even if you already staged a reveal, the music, audience, and ambience create an even more emotional event. The official and meaningful nature of this point in your big day will have thoughts circling through your man’s head, and perhaps tears streaming down his cheeks.

There’s no turning back now!

How will I ever be able to take my eyes off of her?

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

Thank you Jesus for my beautiful bride!

Why didn’t I bring tissues?

First dance

So you got through the wedding ceremony, but don’t start to think that you are done with the feels. The first dance takes place just as you and your groom are coming to terms with the fact that YOU ARE MARRIED! The several minutes spent on the dance floor will go by quickly, but powerfully.

It’s okay, honey.

This is the best day ever.

I wish this moment could last forever.

Pfhlkejifnd (the sound of the groom’s heart and thoughts).

Marriage is the best.


Candid photos may be the most meaningful. They capture true love at it’s best. They avoid typical poses, waning smiles after an eternity with a photographer, and the facade of perfection. Marriage is unique, unexpected, and beautiful and candid photos serve as a tear-jerking representation of those characteristics.

Is it possible to fall in love with someone more everyday?

She is my sense of humor soulmate.

Life with her will never be boring.

I don’t know what she’s doing, but I sort of like it. 

I will never forget this day.

Even if your man is typically not a very emotional guy, weddings typically have a way of affecting even the most somber fellow. While the above tear-jerking images provide examples of adorable groom reactions, your man could be just as affected but without any visual response. If your groom is less than likely to break down with emotion on your big day, live vicariously through these images and love your man for who he is!

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