10 His and Her Cake Ideas to Make You the Perfect Couple

his and her wedding cakes
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Marriage is about unity, about two people coming together as one. But the beauty and the miracle of the union of marriage is that these two people are still individuals. While your wedding should reflect your lifelong unity, it should also celebrate your maintained individuality. What better way to do so than with his and her cakes!

1. Wedding Worthy

his and her wedding cakes
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Keep sight of the event you are celebrating, a wedding! Reflect this event in a classic fashion by creating a cake that illustrates the traditional wedding day attire – a black tuxedo to represent the groom and a white dress to represent the bride. If your wedding day attire strays from the traditional, reflect your unique looks in your cake. The shape of a circular tiered cake like the one pictured above resembles the human body surprisingly well.

2. One Cake, Two Cake?

his and her wedding cakes
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Between the two involved parties of a wedding, the bride is typically the one who has dreamed about this big day longer and is more worried about making it the perfect day. While the day is still as meaningful and important to the groom, he often cares less about traditional wedding practices and the aesthetics of the day. Make light of this contrast that often causes conflict with the above cake. The groom’s cake can take the form of his car splattering mud all over the bride’s cake, a pristinely white tiered creation.

3. Beautiful Harmony

his and her wedding cake
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Are you all sparkles and glitter and your man is all simplicity and constant? You can still have a cake that reflects you as a couple by simply dividing it down the middle. On the bride side, create tiers with flowers, glitter, lace, and other feminine adornments. On the groom side, stick to matte colors, smooth transitions, and neutral colors. Assimilate the colors for a beautiful cake that epitomizes the concept of marriage — uniting two very different people into one.

4. Secret Superhero

his and her wedding cakes
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Would the nerds please stand up? Reveal your groom’s passion for all things superhero while maintaining the beauty of traditional wedding cake design with this his and her cake. The compromise revealed in the cake will start your wedding off on a positive foot for future compromise.

5. Camo Creation

his and her wedding cakes
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He loves camouflage. He would have worn a camouflage suit on your big day if you would have let him. But because he loves you, he is willing to forsake this preference and adopt a more classic wedding day look. Show him you appreciate his consideration for your desires by surprising him with a partially camouflaged cake.

6. Flavor Fight

his and her wedding cakes
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If you and your betrothed just can’t reach an agreement on the flavor of your wedding cake, split it in half! Rather than just having different flavors inside the cake but masking them with the same icing, accept and celebrate your contrasting tastes. Such a cake can be very visually appealing and will cater to the variety of tastes of your guests. No need to stick to chocolate and vanilla; customize your cake to reflect your unique relationship.

7. Off-Kilter

his and her wedding cakes
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Let love peak through with this unique cake his and her cake. If your man is fairly straightforward in his attire, actions, and desires but you enjoy a little more flourish, try something like this unique cake. This off-kilter, Leaning-Tower-of-Pisa-esque cake will be the talk of the wedding festivities. It is both aesthetically and meaningfully beautiful.

8. Man and Wife

his and her wedding cakes
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Even after taking the official step to seal your love forever through marriage, you and your spouse will have very different interests. They will continue to be a part of you even as your two lives interest closer than ever before. True love requires loving someone even if you don’t understand their hobbies and interests. Every now and again, you will need to attend a soccer game and your groom will need to go on a shopping trip. Reveal and celebrate your contrasting interests with this cake. Worry less about complementary colors and having a smooth transition from one side to the other — stark contrast is fine and expected, how you approach these contrasts determine the health of your love and relationship.

9. Sporty Spire

his and her wedding cakes
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Maybe you met in an intramural softball league or at a triathlon or on the golf course. You and your spouse bond over sports and enjoy competition, but you each have your preferences. He may lean toward soccer while you would sooner pick up the tennis racket. While you still enjoy all sports, capture your individual athletic favorites on different tiers of your wedding cake.

10. Surprise Inside

his and her wedding cakes
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Even if you prefer the appearance of a uniform wedding cake, you can still symbolize the individuality of you and your love from the inside of your cake. Make the inner cake an unusual color, vastly different than that of the icing. Or, have some sort of surprise filling, such as candy, sauce, icing, or even an object.

Your opportunities are endless with his and her cakes. Such cakes are very unique and personalized. Let them reflect your respective personalities, interests, and hobbies. No worries if you have different tastes in flavor of cake and icing. His and her cakes are an innocent way to reveal your individuality in a day centered around unity. Be creative and enjoy!


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