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Thinking Of Proposing? Read This Article Before You Do!

Getting engaged is not only an exciting moment, it makes way for a major change in your life. A major life changing event that will last the rest of your lifetime, but what of those big moments happening over the holidays? What are the pros and cons of having a life-changing moment like happen over the holiday.


The Best Gift Ever

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A holiday proposal can be one of the greatest gifts that you can receive over the holidays… I mean, for real! You’re going to be a Mrs!!! And what better time to show off your bling; It will surely be the best surprise for not only the bride, but family members as well.

The Atmosphere

The romance will be apparent during the holidays, there is just something about the holidays that make our hearts full. It’s almost like the holidays make for a romantic time without a holiday proposal… Can you imagine getting engaged over such a romantic time?

Something To Tell The Grandchildren

Sixty years from now when Christmas comes around, you’ll be able to reminisce with your grandchildren about the day that their grandfather proposed to you. It was the best day of your life and the reason that they are even here!


The Crowd

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We all know that there are plenty of crowds during the holidays, we know that our long-distant family members usually make their way home; So that means extra crowded at the dinner table. With holidays, come crowds.

You may wonder why crowds are a bad thing, but to be honest crowds make popping the question so much more stressful; Not only for the bride but the groom as well (with the pressure to ask and the jittery nerves to say yes).

No Special Day

The holidays are a time to celebrate. Which is exactly my point… They are already dedicated to celebrating something else…. Not your engagement. There won’t be a special day for you to just celebrate or commemorate your engagement. And to be honest, holiday proposals can be cheesy! Give her a day she will never forget that is solely associated with you asking her to be your wife!

Too Much Excitement

Despite what you may think, the excitement of the holidays are something that can play a positive roll during that time for the holidays, but the excitement can definitely be overwhelming for an engagements.

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Men, be sure to listen to these points! Although your girl will be thrilled to hear you pop the question, don’t take the easy way out and propose over the holidays. Come up with your own plan, make your proposal your own.

Your bride will not only be flabbergasted that you are down on one knee, but she will be touched with happy emotions that you took the time to think out your proposal to her. After all, it is every girls dream to have that moment!

So are holiday proposals a fit for you? Will they fit how you want to ask and your personalities? Happy planning!

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