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Children Enhance Your Life, Let Them Enhance Your Wedding Too!

We all start somewhere in life, we think that we have it all figured out… Until we don’t… We walk through life without an ounce of direction. We just hope that we will one day find our path. Let’s say that, that path is marriage, but you’ve go kids to think about.  So what happens when you find your path? You include your precious children in your big day, of course!

Let Them Play A Part In The Wedding

This one is easy. Give them a big job in your wedding that will not only make you proud, but they will be honored. If they are older, ask them to be a bridesmaid or groomsman. Give them responsibilities to take care of for your big day. This shows that you trust them enough to complete tasks for your wedding! If they are younger, ask them to be flower girl or ring bearer. This is still a big job for such a little person!

Include Them In Your Vows

You vow to your spouse is that you will love them ’til death do you part. Do the same to each other’s children.  Let them know that you are not only honored to love and accept their parent for who they are, but you also love and accept them for who they are; List their names, this will make them feel like a million buck knowing that they were mentioned in front of all of your guests.

The Unity Ceremony

The unity ceremony is to show the bride and the groom coming together as one. So why not let your kids be apart of the unity ceremony? When you marry your spouse and they have children, you aren’t just marrying your spouse, you are marrying the children too. Become one seamless family by symbolizing that though the unity ceremony!

If your children are young, you may want to think about having a ceremony other than the unity candle (fire and kids can be dangerous!). Try sand in your favorite colors. It is something that you can keep for all of time to come and it can be a really pretty decoration!

Let Their Inner Photographer Show

Let them borrow your camera and have them go to town with it (trust me, you won’t need it that day). Give them special instructions to capture any moment that they think is special. Show them how to use the camera and see what they come up with. You would be surprised what they come up. Kids have a different eye for art than adults do; I am sure you will have some gems! Your kids will not only be proud of their work, but you’ll also have photos that mean a lot to them. Hang those babies with pride!

Give Them A Gift

Give them something that they can treasure throughout their life. More than likely you will find a necklace with their name or birthstone on it or a keepsake that they can treasure. The best gift that you can give them is time. Spend time with them and give them a keepsake to wear for your big day, they will surely feel special and included.

Your Pets Are Kids Too!

Your pets may not physically be able to be apart of your big day, but that does not mean that they can’t play support for it! Include them in your engagement photos. You can use your photos as an announcement! How cool!



Your kids will be honored to be apart of your big day, no matter how big or small their roll is. A blended family is a totally super, awesome family enhanced by different personalities. So how will you include your children in your wedding ceremony? Happy planning!

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