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How To Meet Your In-Laws And Not Look Like A Jerk

Do you remember meeting your in-laws for the first time? What would you do differently? First meetings are everything, so would you change your first meeting with them entirely or would you do it the same all over again? Here are some tips for you newbies out there that haven’t met your “in-laws” yet!

Mr. and Mrs.

Greet them properly. Don’t greet them by their first name. “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Doe, It is a pleasure to meet you. I am June/Jack!” Don’t walk in acting as if you own the place, be meek and kind, let them give you their permission to call them by their first name.


Somehow, in-laws are like animals… In the nicest way possible. They can smell the nerves on you. Really, they can! Just relax. Take a deep breath before being thrown to the wolves and go in with confidence (but don’t be cocky!). They were in your place at one point too!

Be Real

No one likes fake mashed potatoes… So don’t be fake. Be real and sincere with your responses and answer. They will appreciate the fact that they aren’t talking to fake potato flakes.. If you are genuine, your in-laws will take to you quickly and easily.

Be Polite

Being polite consists of:

No sarcasm

No eye rolling

No rude comments 

For some, this is tricky, but be sure to tone it back when meeting your in-laws, they wouldn’t want their kid to date a meanie!

Make sure that you give complements that are true, don’t just say things to look good. Make your complements genuine and your conversation plenty!

Be Interested

Make sure you take an interest in what they have to say. Taking an interest in what they have to say will let them know that you are able to have a conversation with more than just their child and their child’s looks.

Being interested in what they have to say will definitely give them an interest in you! Always remember, every action has a reaction!

Your Upbringing

Don’t be pretentious. But make sure that when you are making conversation, be sure to remember what your parents taught you. Speak clearly and slowly. Make sure that you give the hint that you were in fact brought up by humans and not wolves.

Even If It Is Sunday…

Even if it is Sunday, don’t wear your holy clothes. You don’t want to meet your in-laws looking like you were just washed up in the last high tide. Be sure to clean up, not only your act, but your appearance as well. Put some effort in so that your in-laws don’t see a train wreck dating their child!

Meet your in-laws with confidence. Be sure that you go in with confidence and you’ll come out with even more. Just don’t be cocky! No one wants to see that their kid is dating a total blockhead! Follow these seven tips and you will surely make a wonderful impression on your in laws! Best of luck!

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