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The Pros & Cons Of Having An Outdoor Wedding

Is an outdoor wedding right for you?

One of the most significant trends in wedding planning recently has been to have an outdoor wedding. Instead of getting married in a church, couples are recreating ceremonies to take place outside. Today, we are going to talk about the pros and cons of having an outdoor wedding.

Pro #1: It Can Be So Beautiful

If you get married in the summer, spring, or fall months, an outdoor wedding can be just exquisite. It can be so much fun to have a beautiful sunny day where you don’t have to walk down a darkened church aisle but can be outside where the world is full of light.

Con #1: The Weather

Depending on where or what time of year you are getting married, you may have some unpredictable weather. The last thing you want to have to worry about on top of everything else is if it’s going to rain on your wedding day. I would encourage you if you are set on having an outdoor wedding or reception, to have a back up just in case. No one wants to sit in the pouring rain.

Pro #2: More Creative Freedom

Often, if you get married in a church, you are restricted to what you can put up and how you can decorate. This isn’t the case when you choose to get married outside. The world is indeed your oyster. So if you want to go crazy with different colors, flowers, and archways, an outdoor wedding might be just what you’re looking for.

Con #2: The Heat

Most outdoor weddings take place in the summer, which means the heat index can get pretty high at times. Keep in mind the types of people who will be attending the wedding. If you have a decent amount of older adults in attendance, the heat might be too much for them. Likewise, hotter temperatures are going to make people and children more irritable. And, you don’t want to be sweaty in those wedding pictures.

Pro #3: It’s Cheaper

Renting a hall, venue, or church can add up to be expensive quickly. Getting married outside you can spend more money on decorations and making it look the way you want, rather than on a down payment.

Con #3: More Work

Though it’s fantastic that you can pick your own decorations and have more flexibility, that comes with more work. Many venue halls and churches will be pretty enough on the inside that you can do less decorating. Or, they will come with decorations that you can use for your ceremony. Before you commit to having an outdoor wedding, just make sure that you are able and willing to create those decorations. It might also be wise to consider if you have someone or can pay someone to set up outside on your big day for you.

In conclusion, there are going to be pros and cons to any significant wedding decision. I hope that this article has helped you realize if an outdoor wedding is right for you!

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