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Don’t Let the Rain Scare You: Top 20 Rainy Day Activities 

It’s great to get the kids out into the fresh air, but the rain can put a quick stop to your plans. Before you reach for the movie bin and decide to make it a video day, consider doing something a little more creative and memorable. Your kids are sure to enjoy any of these activities, and you may have a great time right along with them.

1. Raid the Refrigerator

rainy day activities with crescent rolls

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When you do your grocery shopping, be sure to include some refrigerated crescent rolls. You can use these ready-made pastries for anything from mini-pizzas to jelly-filled rolls. Let your kids help you separate them and work them into different dishes. You can make pigs in a blanket or even apple pies, and you can all taste the great results afterwards.

2. Covered with a Cape

Make superhero capes using some old towels and safety pins. You can let the kids cut out different patterns and just tape them to the fabric, and then you can have fun playing superhero games together. While boys really get into the action figures, you’ll find that your little girls also like the idea of running around the house wearing a cool cape.

3. Blow Paint

Take some non-toxic finger paints and water them down slightly. Dip a straw in the paint and let your kids blow it out onto paper. Depending on their age and temperament, your kids may use this opportunity to create an explosion of color or an intricate masterpiece. Have other supplies like scissors, glue, and googly eyes on hand, and you’ll have some artwork that’s worth displaying on Pinterest.

4. Blankets and Sheets

blanket fort as rainy day activity

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Let the kids move the furniture around to build their own blanket forts. If you have some on hand, use a little rope to help support the structure. Then your kids can move in with their stuffed animals and pillows. Take a break to read a story inside the fort. This is a great evening activity because the kids will want to sleep in the fort rather than their bedroom.

5. Get Outside Anyway

Put on your rain boots and venture outside into the rain. You can all have fun jumping in puddles and watching the water fly. When the kids are tired of playing in the rain, you can go back inside for warm baths, hot chocolate, and a little quiet time.

6. Break Out the Crayons

You loved coloring as a kid, and you can have fun coloring now. Adult coloring books are far more challenging than the wide open spaces you filled in as a child. Add one to your arsenal so that you can gather with the kids and bring your own images to life.

7. Hide and Seek

hike and seek rainy day activities

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This childhood favorite is traditionally played outside, but you can bring the game indoors with your kids. Before you start playing, establish a word you can say when the seeker has given up and cannot find the hider. That way, you won’t have to worry about your kids refusing to come out when the game is done.

8. Teach the Dog

Rainy days can be boring for both kids and dogs. Make everyone happy by using this time to teach your pooch a new trick.

9. The Scavenger Hunt

You know that there are treasures to be had through the house, so send your kids on search of them. You can even use the Internet to help you come up with the lists. Have a prize ready for the first one to complete the list.

10. Salt Paintings

salt painting on a rainy day

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All you need for this craft is colored paper, PVA glue, salt, and paint. Dribble patterns on the paper with the glue and pour on the salt. Then drizzle the paint on to watch it foam and interact with the salt.

11. Board Games

Board games are actually great for keeping the boredom away, so break them out on those rainy days. Play with the kids so that you can all have a little fun when you’re stuck inside.

12. Invent a Game

Have your kids invent their own game. They can make up the rules and teach it to you. This is a great way to help the time pass, and your kids will love being in charge for a little while.

13. Fashion Show

Let the kids go through your closet and put on their own fashion show. Encourage them to really get into it by having an announcer and making up funny names for designers.

14. Freeze Dance

Turn the television off, the iPod on, and get ready to strike a pose! When you pause the music, everyone has to freeze.

15. Puzzle

puzzles on a rainy day

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Make space on the table and pull out a puzzle. You can all work together to bring the image to life.

16. Start Dinner Early

Let the little ones help you with dinner plans. They can help you pick out the recipe, gather ingredients, and even go to the store for supplies. They can assist you with the entire dinner and proudly taste the results at the end.

17. Pillow Fight

Yes, you normally encourage the kids not to strike each other, but maybe you can make an exception for a soft pillow? Establish rules before the game begins in order to prevent actual fights or tears.

18. Get Scientific

Find some great science experiments that you can do as a family. The most basic one is right in your kitchen cabinet; it’s the volcano made with baking soda and vinegar.

19. Shaving Cream Sculptures

Squirt some shaving cream in the sink and have fun making sculptures out of the froth. When the kids have had enough, just wash it down the sink.

20. Puppet Show

puppets as a rainy day activity

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Put on a puppet show. The kids can make puppets using paper bags or old socks, and you can let them go through the craft supplies for all types of accessories.

Rainy days are dull, but they don’t have to make the entire family stir-crazy. With some creativity, you can have a great time and make wonderful memories with your children. Keep this list handy so that you can try different things when the storm clouds roll in.

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