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Ready to Build? Knowing You and Your Fiance Have a Rock Solid Foundation for Marriage!

Nothing on this earth is perfect, but there are moments in life when we come to realize that we have a little piece of heaven right beside us. That person you walk through life with has chosen you and you’ve accepted them as they are. How do you know that you have a rock solid foundation with your fiance that is ready for marriage?

Imperfectly Perfect


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You’re a perfectly imperfect couple. You know that when you fight, you’re able to bounce back quickly, you don’t fight just to fight. You’re able to accept each other for whom the other is without a second question. You’re that perfect couple that has it all together in a perfectly, imperfect way.

Partner In Crime

You go grocery shopping together and make it an adventure; You’re each other’s partner in crime. You fight everything that comes at you together. If one is going through something, you stand by their side and become their strength when they need it most. And they do the same for you. You make life an enjoyable game with each other.


You’ve built trust with not only each other, but with your in-laws and the rest of the family as well. Building trust is easy when they give you no reason not to trust them. You set up lunch dates and spend time with your in-laws without your fiance there, you do things as a team even when you may not be together. You’re always on the same page.


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You talk.  A lot. About everything and anything. You tell each other about your day, the good, the bad, and the ugly. But you really communicate; You talk about finances, your goals, how you want to raise your children. Communication isn’t always the easiest, especially when you disagree or talk about uncomfortable situations, but you do it because you mean something so much more to each other.

Silent Communication

You communicate through touch, through a look, a smile. You’re able to understand each other without saying anything at all. You’re able to just be around each other without speaking a word to each other. You can tell by the look in their eye that they are sad, you know by the way that their eyebrows are raised that they are mischievous, and you know by the way that their smile is tilted that they are happier than they’ve ever been before. You don’t have to speak to each other to have a conversation.


You’ve been put through obstacles and you’ve withstood anything that has come your way


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with your fiance and your in-laws, you’ve been accepted by them and you’ve accepted who they are. You’ve accepted all their quirks and have a mutual relationship. Your in-laws may have even accepted your family and vice versa. Doing things as a whole unit can be a blast!


You’ve made rules and you stick by them, whether it’s no guests over on a Wednesday evening or it’s a phone free Friday; Whatever the rules are, you and your families respect them. You respect the boundaries that you have for each other and so do your each of your families.

When you’re ready to build a life with someone know that getting married isn’t a short term decision and you don’t get to pick and choose when you want to be married. Realizing that marriage isn’t just about marrying the person you love is the first step. In reality, you marry the entire family; Which sounds strange, but you will spend years upon years with the person that you marry, your families will be right by your side during that time. Love the person that compliments your life in the best way possible and you’ll know that you’ll have a rock solid relationship ready for marriage.

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