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Seven Peaceful Mini-Moon Destinations That Will Please Stressed Couples

The wedding is over, and now comes the best part! THE HONEYMOON!

But what if your “now” husband just landed a job and can’t take off more than three days? What if you (the bride) only have five days paid vacation? This can be frustrating, especially for new couples that are wanting to kick off their careers, but want to spend time with their honey.

Although it might not be as fun as a two week long honeymoon, there is a solution. A mini moon is when a couple will take a few days off instead of a week or a few weeks, whether it be for inconveniences at work or financial reasons. But mini moons can be just as romantic and just as much fun, but it is up to you as a couple to plan it and plan it well!

There are hundreds of places that you could go to for a mini moon, but some are more special and more unique! Below we have provided some different ideas that you can use when it comes to deciding, and our hope is that this can narrow down your search a little more!


1. Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels, Maryland


Inn at Perry Cabin

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Searching for a romantic spot in the beautiful state of Maryland? Then look no more than the captivating town of St. Michaels! At the stunning Inn at Perry Cabin resort, there are plenty of things to do! Enjoy the wonderful scenery, take pleasure in the spa offered at the resort, or go explore the town! Walk to the Hooper Strait Lighthouse, stuff your face with Italian food at Simpatico, or go kayaking at Shore Pedal and Paddle! Whatever you decide, it is sure to be a delight!


2. Southport, North Carolina



If you are a Nicholas Sparks fan (of the books AND the movies), then Southport in North Carolina should be no stranger to you! The movie Safe Haven was filmed in this location, and it is understandable why they filmed it there! Combined with it’s quaint town and beautiful waters, Southport is a dreamy place to go for some peace and quiet. Enjoy some entertaining boat tours, go kayaking or canoeing on the lakes, do something spontaneous and go skydiving, or enjoy some relaxing paddle boarding! If serenity is calling your name, Southport is the place to go.


3. Mountain Lake Lodge, Virginia



Dirty Dancing lovers should recognize this scene. Yes, this is exactly where that fun film was filmed (alliteration bonus points for me!). If it is on your bucket list to go to the Dirty Dancing location, then look no more! While exploring this beautiful lodge and its property is amazing, there are other activities to take part in as well! There is awesome river rafting, advanced bike rides up the mountains, toured hikes, as well as wine tasting for the newlywed lovers! If you are looking to escape to the mountains, this place will meet all of your needs!


4. Cucumber Island, Georgia


Cucumber Island, Georgia

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For the camping lovers, you will definitely want to pitch a tent on this beautiful location! There are plenty of opportunities to take in some historical information, if that is what you desire. Explore the famous Dungeness Ruins or visiting the Plum Orchard Mansion. Adventure into the island either on bike or by foot, and admire the wildlife, like horses and raccoons, or gaze up into the beautiful forests and sunsets. If you are looking for a place to experience nature and enjoy this beautiful planet and its beauty, this is a great place to do that!


5. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts



Massachusetts is not only a wonderful state to indulge in wonderful seafood, but it is also a beautiful state to enjoy culturally and through the magnificent scenery! If you are a beach person, then South Beach is a top priority on your list when it comes to Martha’s Vineyard! If you want to enjoy the scenery, then explore Aquinnah Cliffs or Ocean Park. Looking for a lighthouse? Then you must check into visiting the Edgartown Lighthouse! Combined with the beautiful scenery and wonderful ocean air, Martha’s Vineyard should be on your vacation checklist, if not for a mini moon!


6. Sundance Resort in Sundance, Utah


Sundance Resort in Utah

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Looking for a wonderful winter wonderland (back at it again with the alliteration) mini moon? Then Sundance Resort in Utah during the winter is simply amazing. Enjoy everything that the resort has to offer, along with a drive through the Wasatch Mountains, a thrilling Sundance Zip Tour, and if it is not too cold or frozen over, enjoy the beautiful waterfall at Stewart Falls! You do not want to miss out on this majestic part of Utah!


7. Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee


Blackberry Farm in Tennessee

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Ready to tackle Tennessee? The gorgeous farm of Blackberry Farm in the town of Walland, Tennessee, is something that you do not want to miss! Besides sitting in some rocking chairs and watching the sunset, there are plenty of other things to do in this wonderful town! Adventure into the Tuckaleechee Caverns with a cave partner, hike to the Abrams Falls Trail, go on a horseback ride with Davy Crockett Riding Stables! The options are endless in this quaint, but busy town. So if not a mini moon now, maybe consider this for your anniversary trip! You do not want to miss out!

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