SUEKAPHIN 2PACK Nursing Bra Product Review

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The SUEKAPHIN 2 Pack Nursing Bra is an imported bra set made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex. This nursing bra features a wireless cup, adjustable straps, removable padding, and one-step feeding clasp.  It comes as a 2 pack that is great for both nursing and pregnant women.

Best Features

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    Removable Padding
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    One Step Feeding Clasp
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SUEKAPHIN 2PACK Nursing Bra Wireless Bra Women's Sleeping Maternity Bra Breastfeeding Bra
  • SUITABLE FOR MOTHER AND BABY:Our design ideas are all for mom and baby,most important for pregnancy or nursing is comfortable and convenience,not only at wearing experience but also at shopping and service process.Suekaphin nursing bra features wireless cup,adjustable straps,removable padding,one-step feeding clasp.We offered multiple colored bras in different group for choosing,include color matched extenders,no need to purchase any more accessories,all you need are in pack.
  • DESIGN BOTH FOR PREGNANT AND NURSING: Our nursing bra features,WIRELESS design makes the bra very soft,it don't stress your rib,the elastic fabric give enough supporting to breast,it will keep the shape after washing, REMOVABLE PADDING,easier to wash the padding,you also can remove it to wear as your habit.ONE-STEP FEEDING CLASP you can take off the cup separately by one step and one hand,the breastfeeding get easier and no awkward.The widen side band will conceal armpit fat,and keep close fit.
  • SELECTIVE MATERIAL: Fabric of 90%Nylon+10%Spandex, this fabric is very smooth and gentle to your skin, no any irritation, the good elasticity will keep the bras shape and close fit to your body and make the bras more durable after repeated washing, furthermore, this fabric is also very breathable, you can wear it to also with great pilling and fading resistance, there will be no pilling and keep colored in all bras' life time.

What Other People Are Saying

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The SUEKAPHIN 2 Pack Nursing and Sleeping Bra had 99 customer comments and 5 answered questions on Amazon.  I've read through the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this review. I hope that this helps you when shopping for a nursing bra.

Removable Padding

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The padding is designed to be removable for ease of washing.  Simply remove the padding and wash separately and then put the padding back in.  By washing it separately, you should be able to keep the shape much better.

Many women commented that the pads were awkward and shaped odd.  Some chose to remove the padding for good.  Here is one of the comments about the padding,

"I did end up taking out the really weird like.. cup things in the inside. They kept riding up in the bra but once I took them out it felt a lot better."

One Step Feeding Clasp

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The cup is designed to be removed with just one hand.  This means that you can remove the cup as you hold your baby in your other arm. This design will help make it less awkward when adjusting your bra in preparation for breastfeeding your baby.

One woman shared this about the clasps,

"These are just what I was looking for! Very comfy and easy to clasp and unclasp. I also feel pretty secure in them, and they are even comfortable to sleep in. I will most likely buy a few more."

Color Matched Extender

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The color matched extenders allow the bras to continue to fit your changing figure that is most likely to happen from pregnancy through the breastfeeding stage.  A woman shared this information about the extenders,

"A great plus is that each color even came with band extenders that will provide up to 1.5 extra inches, if needed in the future."


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Some women felt like the 90% nylon and 10% spandex material did not breath well enough.  I personally prefer cotton next to my skin so that it breathes well.  Here is what one woman had to say about the material,

"Good and bad. The material is probably why the bra is so comfortable but the material is also why the bra doesn’t breathe. If you have breastfeeding problems; yeast infection or cracks, you need cotton so the material can breathe. If you’re perfectly healthy, the bra is very comfortable and fits well."


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I found it funny that many of the women who had some issues with these bras, still gave them 5 stars because the bras were so comfortable.  In the end, comfort always wins in my book for clothing.  Here is one of the 5 star comments on comfort,

"Possibly the ugliest bras I own, and the padded cups included make folding the cup down to nurse tough. Thankfully, they're removable. Bras are incredibly comfortable, and smooth under clothing."

My Conclusion

The SUEKAPHIN 2 Pack Nursing Bra is an inexpensive, imported bra set that is made for nursing and pregnant women.  It features a wireless cup, adjustable straps, removable padding, and one-step feeding clasp.  The best features of this bra set is that they are comfortable, have extenders, and a one step feeding clasp.  Most women who commented about the padding, found that they were odd shaped.  A lot of the women removed the pads altogether and were then happy with these bras. I hope that my review of the SUEKAPHIN 2 Pack Nursing Bra helps you decide if they are the right nursing bra for you!

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