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The Cake: Bake Up The Best Questions for Your Baker

In today’s world, there are many wonderful cake designers and bakers. Deciding which one to go with can be tricky, especially when you’re going in blind. Take some stress off of yourself and ask your baker these top questions for a slamming cake on your big day!

Do you have my date open?

If they say no, that is a good indication that they aren’t the baker for you… Unless you are willing to change your date!


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How far in advance should I have my order finalized?

You want to leave plenty of time for your baker to plan and be able to execute your vision. Your date may be popular and they may have multiple orders for that day.

When is payment due?

Do you need a deposit? If so, when is the final payment due? This is helpful for budgeting when multi-tasking all of the other duties you have to complete for your big day.


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Are you able to deliver my cake to my venue? Is that an added fee?

This may be included, but like cell phone bills, it may also be a hidden fee. Having this knowledge is also key for budgeting.

Do you have a “per person” minimum? Maximum?

If so, what is it? Make sure you have a number for your guest list so you can give your baker a heads up on the size of you cake.

Can you achieve my vision of what I want for my cake?

Having confidence and trust in your baker in knowing that they can achieve your vision is something you need to have in your relationship with your baker. Cake fails aren’t what you want to see at the center of your reception.


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What is the cost per person? Can you work with my budget with what I am asking?

Wedding cake is measured by “per person” measurements. Knowing your guest list is also a must for finalizing this. You can always collaborate with the bakery once you have all the final details figured out. Make sure you work together on obtaining a vision to insure that the bakery is able to achieve the end vision that you have with the budget that you have made.

 Do you have examples of your previous work?

Asking to see examples of their work isn’t insulting, if anything, they will be proud to show you what they have accomplished. You may even get some ideas that you like better for your cake.

Do you have cake stands and knives or is that something I have to provide?

Some bakeries have all the cake accessories. They may have them for a deposit fee to ensure that they get them back. But this can be a money saver if you’re on a tight budget. If they don’t provide the accessories, ask where they would purchase them.


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What are you strong points when it comes to decorating?

Just like each artist has a strong point like clay work or charcoal drawings, each baker also has strong points in their work. They may be an expert at piping or painting. Use their strong points to your advantage. Ask for their creative input on your vision. They usually have the creative input and knowledge to know what will work best for you dream cake!

Do you do cake tastings? If so, is there a charge?

Unsure of the flavor you and your spouse will want? Most bakers will prepare a small selection of their most popular cakes, or even flavors you request to try before you decide!


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If I would want to use one of my own recipes, would you be able to adapt that to make my wedding cake?

Some couples have a strict diet and wish to have a specialty cake. If you have a recipe you would like to use, ask your baker if it is possible to use your recipe. Sometimes when you convert recipes into larger quantities, they may not turn out the way that they would if you were baking the smaller quantity.

Do you preserve the top tier of my cake for our one year anniversary?

Right now, you’re just trying to make it toward your wedding day, but fast forward a year… Eating your cake on your one year anniversary is considered a good omen for long lasting love and good luck. Is that a tradition you want to uphold? If so, ask your baker if they preserve the cake for you. Proper preservation is important if you want to eat your cake in a year!

You have made sure your spouse is the one, make sure you do the same for your cake designer and baker.. in a more mild way, of course! This is your day and every detail should be exactly as you envision it, including your cake!



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