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The Ultimate Checklist for the Anxious Maid of Honor

Being a maid of honor is no small task. You must constantly be at the side of your best friend or sibling, and be there for them, all while managing all the tasks that needs to be taken care of that the bride assigns to you.

Are you the maid of honor for an upcoming wedding and are freaking out about all that is on your plate? Are you a bride that is looking out for your best friend and want her to not worry? Check out this helpful list to make sure the maid of honor is getting all of her tasks done, but in an organized and helpful order.

1. Plan the bridal shower.

Feel free to get the mother of the bride and mother-in-law of the bride to help you on this. Although it sounds like a terrifying task, with other women helping you along the way, planning the bridal shower should not be an overwhelming task. Come up with some fun snack ideas, have a pad and paper ready to write down the presents given, and plan some fun bride games to entertain the other ladies attending.

2. Plan the bachelorette party.

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This one might be a bit more fun and right up your alley. Be sure to get a small list of friends that the bride wants to invite, and then go from there. See if she wants it to be a surprise, or maybe she wants to plan the idea and date and all the maid of honor has to do is send out the invites. Whatever the case, this is a fun date night for the girls to go out before your bestie says “I do!”.

3. Keep others informed about the registry.

Whether it be texting your friends that were invited or stopping and chatting with the bride’s grandmother, make sure everyone knows where the couple is registered. This is key, and make sure everyone knows where the bride and groom are registered before the bridal shower.

4. Do some shopping!

When it comes to dress shopping and figuring out bridesmaid’s dresses, the bride will appreciate the maid of honor’s opinion most (so if you are indecisive or passive, suck it up buttercup and get ready to give your honest opinion). Whether you help her get into her dress at the bridal boutique or help the other bridesmaids get into their dresses, be ready to run and around and wait on the other ladies hand and foot.

5. Speak at the wedding.

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If you absolutely dread public speaking and hate it with a passion, then maybe looking up some public speaking tips would be useful for you (click here for some Youtube help on public speaking). Because as a maid of honor, you will be required to make a speech and make a toast during the reception. This can truly be a great time for maids of honor, because it is a time to tell your true emotions, feelings, relationship, and stories about the bride. While it is not the wisest to make a fool of yourself and her by telling a whole bunch of embarrassing stories, old memories or childhood photos can be a fun thing to incorporate!

6. Conquer the wedding day duties.

Whether it be signing the marriage license as a witness of your friend’s marriage, dancing with the first man during a dance, holding the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony, or handing a tissue to the bride or groom when they are reciting their vows, you need to be there to conquer the wedding duties head on!

7. Do not be just the bride’s right hand woman, be her best friend.

If you are the maid of honor, most likely you are a best friend to the bride, or are at least close to her in some way. So be there for her just like you would want during the wedding process. Whether it is help licking the envelopes of the wedding invitations, helping her shop for lingerie, holding her purse while she shops for things to register for, wipe the tears off of her face after a stressful day, watching a chick flick and bring her chocolate, or giving her countless hugs on her wedding day, you need to be the best friend she needs by her side. So remember that even though it may get stressful for you as well maid of honor, that she appreciates everything you do for her, and that she loves you like no other!

The Ultimate Checklist for the Anxious Maid of Honor

The Ultimate Checklist for the Anxious Maid of Honor

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