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Kids Workshop Review: Toys”R”Us

Toys"R"Us holds what they call "kids events" that will vary from town to town.  The Toys"R"Us events are for kids of all ages beyond the minimum age requirement (each event will state what the minimum age requirement is).  They can participate and often even get some free prizes.  Most often the event itself is free.

The events are held on Saturdays when kids are out of school.  Each month there are normally multiple events going on.  Some events are happening on a national level, while other events are unique to your local Toy"R"Us Store.

Some examples of national events coming up at Toys"R"Us are the following:

Pokemon Trade and Collect Event - Children can go in and get a free Piplup foil card and a Pokemon Trading Card Game Poster.  Kids can also trade Pokemon Cards and participate in a coloring activity.

Geoffrey's Birthday Club - Kids who are members of Geoffrey's Birthday Club can stop in and get a free Geoffrey plush toy and a storybook.  Part of the Geoffrey's birthday club includes a story time and also fun activities. This event is for ages 2 and up.  Minimum age requirements vary according to the event.

LEGO Batman Event - This is a hands on event where children get to create a LEGO model of the Bat Car. They can then take it home with them to keep.  The minimum age requirement is 6 years and up.  The event is scheduled to take place right after the Lego Batman movie comes out in theaters in February.

Free Prizes Are Limited

Free prizes are limited to what they have planned and in stock for that event.  It's a first come first serve kind of system.  There is a limit of one per child.  If they run out of prizes before your child gets one, there are no rain checks for the free giveaways.


  • Events are usually free
  • Kids can get free prizes and participate in giveaway drawings


  • When supplies run out at the events, there are no rain checks if your child didn't get a prize.

What Other People Are Saying


I had a hard time finding what people were saying about the Toys"R"Us events online. And then I went to Facebook and found the Toys"R"Us Events page.  Again, there was very limited talk about these kids event.  I did find one comment from a parent that said,

"My 4 yr old had a blast on the scavenger hunt and was super excited about his poster and Lego storm trooper."

There were also a couple of comments from disappointed parents, because their children did not receive the correct advertised prize.  Also, there were some complaints about when prizes ran out, not all children received one.

Cost and Process to Join


The Toys"R"Us events are normally free to join.  When you sign up, you will be able to find out if there is a fee or not.  To sign up, contact your local Toys"R"Us store to find out the details and see how to sign up. For many, you are able to go to the store the day of the event and sign up. 

Customer Service


From the reviews that I've read, the customer service is great at Toys"R"Us.  Of course, this will vary from store to store since each location has different personnel.  But overall, I've read great reviews of how the staff treat participants at the events.

My Conclusion 

The Toys"R"Us events are popular with kids into certain themes. For example, for kids who like Pokemon, they will most likely enjoy the Pokemon event.  Other events include Geoffrey's Birthday Club and also an upcoming Batman Lego event.  I couldn't find a lot of comments online about these events, though I did find a lot of discussions about so many Toys"R"Us stores closing right now around the country.  From what I did find, people liked the events, especially because they were free.  A downfall with the events are that when free prizes run out, if a child doesn't get one, there are no rain checks given. If your Toys"R"Us is still open in your area, it may be a good idea to take your child to one of their fun kids events. 

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