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Trash the Dress! (after the wedding, of course)

Why you should trash your dress:

Your wedding dress will likely be the single most expensive item of clothing you ever purchase. Most brides go through their wedding day carefully calculating every move as to not tear, stain, or soil their dress in any way. Afterwards, they send the dress to the dry cleaner, store it in a specialty box, and stash it in their attic.

What a waste!

Unless you have a specific plan for how to reuse, repurpose, or feature your dress, there is little sense to leaving it sit in your attic, basement, or closet. And if you are counting on saving the dress for your daughter to wear one day, just forget it. While it is possible that your daughter will have the exact same tastes as you and your dress will still be in style and in good condition, it is highly unlikely.

Enter trash the dress.

I know, the concept is shocking upon first consideration. Trashing the dress that you spent countless hours dreaming about, finding, and perfecting sounds painful. That dress symbolizes what very well may be the best day of your life. It seems disrespectful to make it a victim of any form of destruction.

But it is just a dress.

Your dress may be a symbol of your big day, a symbol of your love and commitment. But it is not either of those beautiful things. This mass of fabric, buttons, ribbon, and rhinestones bears a simple purpose, and a purpose from which it is released as soon as the sun sets on your big day.

If you are a sentimental person and realistically value your dress for what it represents, trashing the dress may not be the option for you. But if you feel you have completely celebrated your big day, and that any memories from it can be reminisced upon through pictures and your husband’s eyes, trashing your dress will be a blast!

How to trash your dress:

Trashing your wedding dress is not an act of disrespect or rebellion. While the term ‘trash’ carries negative connotations, this act is centered around getting great pictures, having fun, and turning your dress into a piece of art. If you just need a little more convincing in order to make the decision to trash your dress, look no further than the beautiful examples below. And if you already decided to take this step, look below for some ideas!

…with Water

…with Mud

…with Paint

…with Food

…with Drink

…with Fire

Trashing your wedding dress provides you with both beautiful pictures and a fun activity. After you’ve secured the necessary formal bride/groom, bridal party, and family photos, get creative with your wedding day photos and ask your photographer to capture the moment as you trash your dress!


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