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How to Create a Travel-Themed Wedding That Is to ‘Fly’ For!

You’re that adventurous couple. The ones who hike the Appalachian trial on the weekends. The ones who fly to Europe when they get an unexpected day off. The ones who never unpack their suitcase. The ones who accumulate hundreds of frequent flier miles. The ones who have lost track of how many states they’ve been to.

Why not channel this passionate for travel into a wedding theme? Travel-themed weddings have only recently started to gain traction. Therefore, your wanderlust-erful affair will still uniquely reflect you as a couple and your adventurous personalities.

Sold but not sure where to start? From the first announcement to the final farewell, we’ve got you covered!


Postcards are not only the epitome of travel, they are also more reasonably priced than the typical stationary. Go with postcards such as these and you will have some extra cash to go on an even more radical honeymoon!

travel-themed wedding invitation

travel-themed wedding

travel-themed wedding


For such a mobile couple, a traditional venue just doesn’t seem appropriate. Give your guests a taste of your lifestyle and opt for a boat, an airport, or a train station as the location for either your ceremony or reception.

Guest book

Between you and your soon-to-be spouse, the two of you have been all over the country. You have made acquaintances and friends from all over the world. Use your guest book as an illustration of how far you’ve been as a couple, physically and relationally, by asking guests to sign a guest map based on where they call home.

wedding guest book map

travel-themed wedding

travel-themed wedding


Some of the best trips are the ones without an itinerary… but your wedding is not such a case! Give your guests a heads up about the course of wedding events with a passport program!

wedding program passport

travel-themed wedding

travel-themed wedding


The female members of the bridal party usually carry bouquets while the male members don boutonnières. Transform this tradition with travel in mind by making paper creations out of maps! These unique creations can be as colorful or simple as you desire. The flowers will never die, so you can keep these arrangements for a lifetime!

travel themed map boutonnière

travel-themed wedding

travel themed paper bouquet

travel-themed wedding

travel-themed wedding


How can a wedding arch be travel-themed, you ask? Paper airplanes will do the trick, my friend! As such an arch is so unique, there will be some element of doing it yourself with varying levels of assistance. For instance, you could buy the arch structure linked below and then host a paper airplane making party based off of the following tutorial.

travel-themed wedding

travel-themed wedding


If you’re looking for travel-themed props for your wedding photos, look no further than your regular travel gear! Grab your backpacks, your suitcases, your maps, your passports, and more to make life easy for your photographer. It’s important in any photoshoot to be comfortable and to be yourself, and having such familiar belongings around will make the process all the more enjoyable.


Many wish they could travel, but only a select few have the money, resources, or determination to actually do so. All this wanderlust has led to the coining of travel phrases which you can repurpose as the text for your travel-themed wedding signs.

travel themed wedding sign

travel-themed wedding

travel-themed wedding


What do you think of when you dream of traveling? Try to channel whatever immediately comes to mind into your wedding centerpieces. These could involve cameras, binoculars, old stamps, suitcases, globes, maps, travel magazines, and so much more. Oh and be sure to name each table after you and your spouse’s favorite spots around the world. You could even theme each table around those different locations. Below are some ideas to get you started:

travel themed wedding centerpieces

travel-themed wedding

Escort cards

Allow your escort cards to double as a memento that your guests will want to take home. Because of their purpose to identify your guests and their table location, luggage tags serve as the perfect travel-themed escort card. Accompany either vintage, artistic, or functional tags with a sign that says, “Where in the world am I sitting?”

travel themed wedding escort cards

travel-themed wedding

travel-themed wedding


In all your travels, where did you enjoy the local cuisine the most? Give you guests a taste of some of your favorites by serving ethnic food for your meal! The more variety the better to cater to as many taste buds and diet restrictions as possible.


A cake is the perfect outlet to highlight your unique personality and interests. If you know a talented baker, dream about a multi-layered spectacle like the one below. If you want to stick to something more simple (or need to for financial reasons), a travel-themed cake topper will also do the trick.

travel-themed wedding cake topper

travel-themed wedding


You should have no problem deciding how you will stage your getaway! As an adventurer, you can skid away on a motorcycle, fly away in a small plane, paddle away in kayaks, or drive away in a taxi. The options are endless but only one will be perfect for your wedding.

Before you fly off to your honeymoon, host a travel-themed wedding that represents you as a couple. From the invitations to the getaway, your wedding can uniquely reflect your interests and experiences. Enjoy!

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