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Take That Tradition! Wedding Attire That Defies Expectation


It is the 21st century. Wedding dress options are endless, greatly varied in their consideration for tradition. Silhouette is no longer the only determination you can make about your wedding dress. You can select a unique color, with anything from slightly off-white to a bright hue. You can choose any length with which you are comfortable, with trains, floor-length, tea-length, knee-length, and cocktail all within the realm of possibility. All these options should excite you, not stress you.


short wedding dress


tea length wedding dress


champagne wedding dress


colored wedding dress


Contrary to popular belief, the groom actually has options for his wedding day look, too. For shoes, he has so many more options than just choosing between colors. He can choose anything from basketball sneakers to sandals to oxfords, with his bride’s permission of course. For pants, he can wear jeans, khakis, or even shorts. He can wear a button-down shirt or a sweater, long-sleeves or short, a tie or a bowtie, suspenders and a belt or nothing at all.


groom wearing sneakers

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groom wearing jeans

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groom wearing sweater

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The ladies you choose to stand beside you on your big day have one thing in common: a shared love for you. But they are very different people, representing various stages of your life and aspects of your personality. Allow their dresses to reflect and celebrate those differences! Stray from the traditional, identical bridesmaid dresses and give your ladies freedom to mix and match lengths, colors, and styles. Give them basic guidelines and allow them to choose a dress they love. Look below for some inspiration.

Different lengths

untraditional bridesmaid dress

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Different colors

different color bridesmaid dresses

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Different necklines

different necklines for bridesmaid dresses

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Mostly likely, your groomsmen could care less what they wear on your big day. Take full advantage of this likelihood and put your creativity into full swing! Give them funky socks to wear. Ask them to don a superhero shirt under their suit jacket. Groomsmen can be even more casual than the groom, so their attire options can range from sporty to black tie.


groomsmen attire

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Yeah, you probably never considered your guests when thinking about wedding attire. Break out of your traditional mindset and ask your guests to dress themselves in a particular way. While disclosing whether the event is black-tie, semi-casual, or casual is helpful, it is only the foundation. Ask guests to wear a particular color or style of attire. Imagine looking out over a crowd of your closest friends and families wearing your favorite color, favorite design, or favorite trendy style. Such a dream is completely and easily achievable, makes for great pictures, and creates for a sense of camaraderie between guests.

All White:

untraditional wedding attire

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sparkly bridesmaid dresses

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Good news! You can get most of the above looks for your own wedding! Click on the images you like for purchasing information. And enjoy these looks that will help you to defy tradition in your wedding!

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